Top Five Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Mobil-.puting At par with the flourishing sphere of .munication and increasing demand for better mobile technology for higher user satisfaction, mobile application developers have started looking out beyond iPhone and Android. That is where the cross- platform mobile applications .e in light and with no time became the most ideal solution to get more than what the standard OSes are offering. Here, for the benefit of the users we have re.mended 5 best cross- platform mobile application development tools of the time. 1.RhoMobile Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, RhoMobile believes in one codebase, every smartphone. It offers the open source Rhodes, a Ruby based framework which allows for development of native applications for wide range of smartphones and OSes. The two most lucrative features are that the code has to be written just once and it can be ready to use to build applications right away and the native applications .e in handy to have the benefit of the available hardware. This application works on the platforms of iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Android. The prime reason that the mobile application developer prefers RhoMobile is that it makes the best use of the efficiency of web technology in sync with cloud to develop, install and manage apps and data with utmost .petence. 2.MoSync To settle for a reasonable and easy mobile application development, MoSync is the ideal choice. Based on Free Open Source Software (FOSS) multi platform environment, enable of C/C++ programming and support platforms range from Android, Java ME, Symbian to Moblin and iOS, MoSync .es with a user friendly SDK with all the required tools. 3.PhoneGap A HTML5 application platform and with a feature to create native applications as well as access to API and Appstore, PhoneGap is another FOSS framework that enables the mobile application developer to build apps for iPhone, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry. Along with a cross platform simulator (an Adobe AIR app), the .pany also provides online training sessions for the users to access native APIs and to use PhoneGap platform for building useful mobile applications. 4.Appcelerator Widely popular among mobile users as the most coveted cross platform tool, Appcelerator is another FOSS framework with Titanium Development Platform that enables development of native apps, desktop and tablet applications using JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML and Python. In addition, it .es with a pre-built language-OS bridge, access to APIs and location information. 5.Sencha Touch Endowed with the reputation of worlds first app framework to make use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with highest power and optimization, Sencha Touch is a favorite of the modern mobile application developer. By using HTML5, this tool can deliver audio, video .ponents and local Storage proxy to save date offline. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: