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High speed tunnel fire truck carrying firecrackers driver is controlled by the police – Sohu news scene Liu Jingtao photo Shiyan fire brigade rescue Liu Jingtao photo Beijing, Shiyan, February 21 (Liu Jingtao Ma Furong) a vehicle carrying truck 21 to ten firecrackers (Hubei Shiyan to Shaanxi high-speed White River) rollover court tunnel, fire vehicle and the firecrackers ignited, but fortunately no casualties. 21, 8:48, Shiyan city public security fire brigade alarm said: ten white high speed Shiyan to Baihe direction (10KM+500 meters) entrance tunnel 10 meters, a car with fireworks fire. The driver escaped after the car turned over and no one was trapped. Shiyan fire brigade mobilized 10 fire engines, 52 officers and soldiers to the scene disposal. 10:20, the residual fire was extinguished, the danger can be ruled out. The accident resulted in ten white high speed unidirectional blocking for several hours. At 11 a.m., the accident site was basically processed. Under the guidance of traffic police, the detained vehicles will return from the emergency lane and leave the expressway. It is understood that someone’s vehicle license Jiangxi van carrying 782 boxes of firecrackers, from Jiangxi Ganzhou to Shaanxi Pingli county. At present, some two truck drivers have been controlled by the police, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation. (end)

运载鞭炮货车高速隧道内起火 司机被警方控制-搜狐新闻 事故现场 刘惊涛 摄 十堰消防官兵展开救援 刘惊涛 摄   中新网十堰2月21日电(刘惊涛 马芙蓉)一辆运载鞭炮的货车21日行至十白高速(湖北十堰至陕西白河)中院隧道口时发生侧翻,车辆起火并引燃所载鞭炮,所幸未造成人员伤亡。   21日8时48分,十堰市公安消防支队接警称:十白高速十堰往白河方向(10KM+500米)中院隧道入口10米处,一辆装有烟花爆竹的车辆起火。司机在车翻后逃生,无人员被困。   十堰市消防支队调集10辆消防车52名官兵前往现场处置。10时20分,残火全部被扑灭,险情得以排除。   事故造成十白高速单向封闭数小时。上午11时许,事故现场基本处理完毕。现场滞留车辆在交警的指引下,从应急车道返回,驶离高速公路。   据了解,涉事车辆为江西牌照厢式货车,载有782箱鞭炮,从江西赣州驶往陕西平利县。   目前,涉事两名货车司机已被警方控制,事故具体原因正在调查。(完)相关的主题文章: