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Trump gossip on   claimed not to provoke outrage; withdrawal of the people news BBC reported that U.S. presidential candidate Trump told U.S. media said in a telephone interview, he would never withdraw from the presidential race next month. Earlier, the Washington Post acquired a Trump 2005 dialogue in the United States caused strong concern. This is a conversation about women before Trump’s soap opera, and Trump talks about how to make use of his celebrity and married women. "As long as you are famous, you can do anything," Trump said." After this recording sparked controversy, many Republicans came out to condemn Trump, he also apologized publicly. He said he had never pretended to be a perfect person, "I have already apologized for what I said, including the video of more than and 10 years ago." However, Trump subsequently told the Wall Street journal, said, "I quit the opportunity to zero". He also said he was getting "unimaginable" support. His opponent, Hilary, described the recording as "horror."". (old) (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: