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Trump interviewed praised Hilary as "a clever and strong man" – the Sohu news broadcast in November 13th CBS news magazine program "60 minutes", Trump in the general election for the first time after receiving the interview with host Leslie Starr?. Trump said in the program, Hilary is a smart and strong man, said she and her congratulations on the phone call is very kind and lovely Clinton. On the 10 meeting with Obama, said the two talked about the topic of the Middle East, said Trump. When the host asked whether his victory is meant to deny the Obama presidency, Trump said he did not think so, but he felt that the current United States in the Middle East to spend too much money, enough to rebuild the country two times. Trump said in response to questions about the expulsion of illegal immigrants, said it would build a wall, and expel a number of crimes, drug trafficking and other illegal immigrants. Then the host talked to Trump about abortion laws and the recent public demonstrations, Trump said that some of these demonstrators are professional protesters. When asked whether to send a special investigator to investigate Hilary mail problem, Trump did not give a clear answer, but said to focus on health care, immigration and border. Wen Trump will ask the director of the resignation of FBI, Trump said he respected him, has not made up his mind.相关的主题文章: