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Tsinghua law professor: Jia Jinglong is not the original title: kill He Haibo: Jia Jinglong is not the kill of the author: He Haibo (Professor of Law School of Tsinghua University) source: micro-blog @ lotus lotus 02 "I don’t know Jia Jinglong and his relatives, no one told me the Jia Jing dragon. I see "spare the life" calls on WeChat. I see, the death penalty review of the Supreme Court has issued a number of days, Jia Jinglong’s life is just to count the hours. I vaguely felt that there was something wrong with the verdict, and that some of the scholars who had gone to Jia Jinglong did not. I searched the Internet for relevant materials, and got the first and second instance verdict from a friend. Read the referee, I am more convinced that Jia Jinglong should not kill! The basic facts of Jia case, as alleged that procuratorate: because North Camp village renovation when their houses were forcibly removed, he resent the village chief and Secretary He Jianhua, seeking revenge. In the North Camp Village 2015 spring festival get-together, he used a modified nail gun shot back at He Jianhua, causing his death. Jia Jinglong had surrendered said, but on the road that was intercepted, injured, was arrested the day. Jia Jinglong belong to surrender, there are disputes. Jia Jinglong marriage room was demolished, girlfriend broke up the plot, so that people feel sympathy. Jia Jinglong injustice has a head with the main debt, not like Yang Jia Wang Bin, one kind of indiscriminate killing of innocent people, this is also pointed out. But I am more concerned about is the case as a typical case of revenge murder – the cause of things. Jia Jinglong and his defenders have suggested that the victims of the illegal implementation of the mandatory removal of He Jianhua, there are mistakes. The court has not been identified. The reason is that the house and land in the name of Jia Tongqing Jia Jinglong’s father, Jia Tongqing has signed a relocation agreement with the village, and got two houses and relocation compensation. Therefore, the "illegal demolitions" point of view should not be adopted. The problem is here. Jia Jinglong as an adult family member of rural households and the actual residence of the demolished houses, the house should have a right. Jia Jinglong’s father regardless of opposition to Jia Jinglong, signed an agreement with the village committee is effective, it is questionable. Moreover, Jia Jinglong signed an agreement with his father and village, indeed some forced helpless. This threat from the village committee notices and practices can be seen from the fact that the petition after the celebration of Jia Jia can also confirm. From the beginning, Jia Jinglong was asserting his rights. More critical is the fact that the demolition of the village committee is forced. In February 27, 2013, the village of Jia Jinglong organized a house demolitions, due to Jia Jinglong’s boycott without success. The afternoon of May 7, 2013, He Jianhua once again organize personnel to Jia Jinglong’s house demolitions. This is the more than and 20 person, a hook machine, direct test. In this process, the two sides scuffle, Jia Jinglong and his cousin was assaulted. 110 police arrived at the scene, Jia Jinglong was taken to the police station (strange, why he was taken to the police station?) But the house is still down. If this is not the demolitions, what is the demolitions? Wei相关的主题文章: