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Turkey’s president warned the Shiite militia may not injure Turkmen President of Turkey to the original title: Turkmen "head" in Syria near the Iraqi border hassakeh Province, displaced Iraqi refugees and refugees in Syria fighting for the purchase of food and water. Xinhua Reuters the Shiite militia appeared in Mosul by the Iran battlefield support, a Shiite Iraqi government approved militia troops sent thousands of people to open up a new front in the west of Mosul, trying to cut off the extremist organization Islamic state fled to Syria route. The move affects the nerves of stakeholders, including Turkey, Iraq’s neighbors. Turkey’s president rejep Tayyip Erdogan · · El warned in October 30th that if the Iraqi Shiite militia to recover Mosul in western villages when harm local Turkmen residents, Turkey will respond. Turkmen and Turks what relation? Turkmen minority in Iraq, mainly in northern Iraq and Turkey border area. The soil of the Turks who belong to the Turkic Cuman lineage, there are countless in language, historical and cultural links. Turkey has been regarded as ethnic Turkmen close relatives, often for Iraq and Syria people "s turkmenistan". Shiite militia in Iraq, the people’s mobilization Organization officially joined the battle of Mosul in October 29th, is 55 kilometers west of Mosul, Taylor A Phil. Taylor A Phil is close to the border with Turkey, Shiite Arabs and Turkmen region, 2014 fall into the hands of the Islamic state. Turkey’s Anatolia news agency reported, said El’s interview with the media, Turkey is paying close attention to the Iraqi Shiite militia act, to protect the interests of the people of turkmenistan. El has said: "Taylor A Phil is a whole Turkmen town. If the "people’s mobilization" is spreading terror here, we will certainly take a different response." But he did not elaborate on how the earth will respond. Turkey’s foreign minister May J Lui Te · cavusoglu previously warned Iraqi Shiite militias to stop. "". He said at the time, Turkey is ready to take the necessary measures to prevent the Shiite militia violence. Turkey now in Mosul near the Baxijia unmanning hundreds of people, the name is to train local Sunni militants against the Islamic state". The Iraqi side think that this is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, repeatedly asked the earthwork withdrawal failed. Turkey has repeatedly expressed its willingness to join the battle of Mosul, claiming that the earth without the consent of any person, but so far by the soldiers did not move. Worry not without reason? According to the Agence France-Presse said, Iraqi Shiite militias in the past to provoke sectarian and ethnic conflict misdeeds, had done to the whole village such atrocities. Shiite militia claimed that their goal is to recover the Shiite site, will not enter the city of Mosul. The history of Mosul and the surrounding area has been the Sunni Arab world, only a few villages and towns are Shia Arabs, Turkmen 2相关的主题文章: