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Two drama "screen" Jiangsu screen   Lei Tong did not play "Lady" – entertainment channel — original title: two drama "screen" do not play "and" Lei Tong this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March to Jiangsu screen by Lei Tong, Lei Tong, Tong Zhang, Li Chengru, Junyi Shen Feng Enhe and Xi Meijuan starred in the TV drama "revolution in modern times my mother and the long march" is Jiangsu city channel hit. Yesterday, Lei Tong accepted a telephone interview with reporters. Before Lei Tong in the TV appearance, always with the handsome beautiful great lady as much, "sword" in "Tian Yu", "Sui Tang heroes" in "Li Rongrong", "father and son" Feng Jiahui "in the way". "The story of my mother and I started the long march" from the perspective of women and children perspective, tells the story of a mother and daughter in search of the long march of red revolutionary brigade father embarked on the story, the plot twists and turns down the full kernel. The play, Lei Tong changed his handsome image, for the role of "sacrifice", not only often face black and gray, often running in the paddy field. "In fact, this scene is very bitter, every day is gray, feet in the paddy fields often soaked with swelling, but for me every time a new shooting is precious experience." She said, "although I also love usually clean themselves, but different show will have different images, different images have different makeup, I feel normal, it can go back to the age of the play in the flames of war, also let me experience the long march to the hardships of the road is not easy I hope the broadcast time can let children learn the spirit of the Long March, more cherish life." Is Nanjing news broadcast Anti Japanese drama "battle of Yichang", played by Lei Tong juntong agent Jiang Meiyun, the "sister" identity disguised himself as a spy, gradually infiltrate enemy. She is a woman and Chu upright, and Sichuan beauty intelligent soft; both men generally carry guns like sword battlefield, but also in particular spy war uncovered spy spy. Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhang Nan, Lu Wen: commissioning editor Li Yan)相关的主题文章: