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Two passengers missed the plane, check-in staff rushed into the plane stopped down the runway, courage is also too big! Just after the Mid Autumn Festival, the entertainment circle will have a parting, last night, the 28 year old actor Qiao Renliang died. Today, Qiao Renliang brokerage firm confirmed that Qiao Renliang was suffering from depression, suffering. In the brother’s memory, the image of Qiao Renliang small gentle tooth still stays in the movie "nightclubs" in the face, always have a bright smile, so when writing the news until today, brother or with some sad. We can not imagine what the world of depression in the end is what it looks like, never know in front of people who smile, turn around and experience what pain. About depression, brother is not very understanding, but I hope the love from each of us. The Mid Autumn Festival has passed, some bad scam can also stop. The joyous Mid Autumn Festival, the seafood market across the country are Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs samples, this official response: it is false, because this year the official time for the September 23rd Yangcheng Lake crab. Anti fake label fake online wholesale price of only 0.15 yuan, but as long as this label, ten pieces of a crab, immediately can sell more than 50 only, no wonder so many people profiteers. So I want to buy crabs gift friends, can pay attention to, don’t let those unscrupulous traders to the pit. Brother will not envy those units of the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs friends. However, it will make people do silly things. 15 days earlier, Ji’nan near Luokou pontoon, hundreds of people in the river fishing net, after a while someone caught nearly pounds. Originally, every day or fifteen, there will be some people in the Yellow River to release the fish in the the Yellow River roll is pulled, it becomes the Yellow River carp, a pound of carp to sell ten to twenty yuan……" Fish: This is the seventh time I’ve been ashore…… At this moment, a fish warms two people’s hearts. In view of this problem seems brother, in fact from another angle, this reduces the number of brain chaos released ecosystem damage, should give people salvage awards. Some netizens pointed out that from the perspective of economics and political science, this is called: to extend the industrial chain, to enhance the value of products and deep processing levels, improve economic efficiency, promote employment. This poker-faced nonsense, brother really want to give you a hand heart, but not like some people ah brother: the mid autumn festival very Zaoxin, such as the "Chen Zhicheng", many people called him to wash the mountain. Recently, the Beijing Fangshan guaishishan area, "Chen Zhicheng 2016.9.1" red graffiti appeared in 13 landscape stone. He painted are the most famous landscape stone, are located in the steep, I do not know how to climb to the top. Graffiti cleaning is still obvious traces. The rest of this person is also Zhoukoudian graffiti. This morning, Chen Zhicheng came to the scenic spot cleaning graffiti and a public apology, he said the 53 year old, from 1997 began to climb the hill, because of family reasons is not in a good mood recently, feel advanced in age may not be climbed, the mountain, want to read to leave, he said will mark Dou Qing clean. Whether or not to do so too do not have the quality of it, this person should pull into the blacklist, all the scenic spots are not open to him. For the whole thing, brother is a little strange, king?相关的主题文章: