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Two three insurance firms to related party sales of nearly 200 million group health insurance insurance insurance firms into standard Sina shareholders fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Two months to three insurance firms to sell insurance shareholders related parties nearly 200 million yuan group health insurance insurance firms into shareholders "standard" in the shareholders or related parties to insurance companies support at the same time, some insurance companies are also given to shareholders or related parties to support this reporter Su Xianggao –     strong shareholders can not only bring about strong financial support to insurance companies, insurance companies can also bring direct business. Securities Daily reporters found that since August this year, there are 3 insurance companies were related to the shareholders of the relevant parties to sell group insurance, premiums totaling up to $195 million. A life insurance company sales staff said that the group insurance sales is different from a risk and need to regularly visit clients, the company has provided to visit a few times per month, and sometimes need to top out. Once the policy, the premium is often several million, or even millions of dollars. Related parties to purchase insurance in September 27th, China Insurance Association letter Phi platform information display, and the Oriental asset life signed supplementary medical insurance products covering the insurance agreement in September 13, 2016. East China life insurance premium insurance products to supplement the premium of 52 million 340 thousand yuan, two underwriting. The first phase of the insurance premium is 29 million 10 thousand yuan, the insurance premium is $23 million 330 thousand in the second period. Statistics show that the controlling shareholder of Orient Asset life Chinese joint Cmi Holdings Ltd’s controlling shareholder, and the main content of Orient Asset life insurance agreement for the insurance scheme, claims process, claims rules, procedure and service time preservation service matters. Significant related party transactions information shows that as of September 26, 2016, the total amount of the sum of the total amount of transactions associated with the East China life insurance assets of 34 million 540 thousand yuan. The cumulative amount of related transactions involved in the eastern part of the insured group insurance business, the first phase of underwriting premiums of 29 million 10 thousand yuan, the eastern assets of the group has not yet paid the insurance business of the insurance premium of the second period. "This transaction system of general insurance business, a premium scale helps to improve the group insurance business this year, has a positive effect on the company’s overall business development, no adverse effect on the company’s other shareholders, in line with the overall interests of the company. The insured transaction price strictly in accordance with the provisions of the price table, the transaction price and market price." China Life insurance. In addition, CITIC Prudential Information Disclosure, CITIC Bank in August 18, 2016 Prudential insurance welfare Hancock group health insurance, the insurance amount of 43 million 430 thousand yuan, the insurance group to employees and their dependents to be insured, the scope of protection for medical security. CITIC Bank is a subsidiary of CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited Chinese Chinese shareholder, constitute a relationship to the relationship between equity based and Prudential Life insurance. In addition to the above two companies, Hengda life disclosure of heavy theory相关的主题文章: