U.S. media in order to enter the top universities in China, the influx of American private high scho sexhu

U.S. media: to enter the top university students Chinese influx of new network new network in August U.S. private high school – 25, according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that when the COD Academy (Cape Cod Academy) the lunch bell rang, many students are waiting for the meal to drink from a local restaurant in the queue. At first glance, a plate of fried rice and roasted pork looks very close of the private school students Chinese appetite. But Chinese students are not really cold. "Oil is too much." Zhang Yunshu, a 18 year old student at Yunshu, said: "frankly, such a store in China will soon go bankrupt."." 20% of the students in this school are Chinese students, and they can always hear the voices in the hall. The COD academy international atmosphere and some have a unique style in the local, because of the school’s county is the nation’s population differentiation is one of the smallest area. According to census data, 93% of the local population are white, with fewer than 2% asians. But from the whole American education point of view, this change to some extent the COD academy shows a trend. Now more and more Chinese students to study in the United States, because many Chinese families want their children to enter the top universities in the United states. "More and more Chinese families realize that to get into the top universities in the United States, they need to take a step forward." Francisco (University of San), a researcher on East Asian immigration, Yeh Kristen (Christine) said in. In order to be better able to apply for college, these Chinese students began to choose to study in the United States in high school. This trend has led to the phenomenon of a relatively small number of population has attracted more and more Chinese students phenomenon. For American schools, this trend means a lot of extra income. Many Chinese families are willing and able to pay high tuition fees for their children’s studies. Responsible for the COD academy this project Jo Remirad (Joe Remillard) has begun to entertain from China students in their own homes. "We all like this opportunity because it will make our school more international." He said. For Chinese students, the application after the adoption of a major problem is how to adapt to life in American high school. Zhang Yunshu said, "it’s all about yourself. Whether it is money, or your future studies." Because of the cultural differences between the two countries as well as the current situation of the two countries in the global competition, as a Chinese student, studying in the United States is facing great pressure. And some American parents are worried that their children’s schools have too many Chinese students will affect their enrollment rate. Zhang Yunshu said he had encountered some similar stereotypes, but in his classmates called him a "mathematical genius", he did not bother. "They think we are a nerd, in addition to the study of Nothing is right." He said with a smile. In fact he相关的主题文章: