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U.S. media: the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates or the recent implementation of the Sohu news according to "the Wall Street journal" reported on November 18th, the US President elect Trump will be in January next year on the occasion of the inauguration, there are signs that the U.S. economy is strong, the Fed is close in the last year the first increase in short-term interest rates. Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve 17 to U.S. lawmakers said that interest rates may be implemented in the short term. She said the data released by the government showed strong inflation, and the labor market continued to improve. The news boosted the market for the Fed will raise the benchmark federal funds rate expected at the December 13-14 meeting. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen on the 17 United States Congress said, interest rates may be implemented in the short term: Yellen may in the short term interest rate implementation of Yellen said that the assessment of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election did not change the interest for the end of the Fed’s last meeting have been enhanced. Yellen told the Congressional Joint Economic Committee (Joint Economic Committee) said that the current economy has made her confirmation to the United States in the implementation of the Fed’s target is good progress, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) November judgment still applies. Fed officials said in a policy statement in November that they need to see some more evidence that the economy is improving before raising interest rates again. Yellen said that since the last meeting of officials confirmed that they obtained evidence about economic growth, enhance the employment market is improving and inflation are signs of rising, the Fed officials are preparing the first hike in next month. Yellen warned that if the interest rate hike delayed too long, the Fed may be forced to curb economic overheating in a relatively sudden way to raise interest rates. But she said that soon after the change in the short-term risk is limited, and reiterated that the Fed is expected in the next few years will gradually increase interest rates. But Yellen also said that if Congress pushed forward the proposal of Trump, next year launched a massive fiscal spending plan, then the situation may change. Yellen said that the next government’s fiscal policy, and these policies may affect employment, growth and price, it’s still too early to say. However, she said that the Fed will be concerned about the trend of the next year, the changes in the economic outlook will be taken into account when the re evaluation. Yellen said that the development of things may be completely different from the expected, the Fed is aware of this, the Fed will simply observe what to make decisions in the future will consider these decisions into account. In consideration of the costs and benefits of fiscal policy, Yellen urged lawmakers to keep longer-term fiscal challenges, including the ratio of debt to GDP rising U.S. and remember that if the economy is in trouble may need to stimulate. She also urged lawmakers to choose fiscal policies that would improve long-term productivity and economic growth. Asked whether the possibility of a fiscal stimulus next year could delay interest rates (which could be delayed until January), Yellen said she believes the committee’s decision in the year of is still a good one. Yellen fight相关的主题文章: