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The development of urban traffic to Uber unmanned VTOL aircraft – self driving technology [Technews] new technology Sohu Airbus (Airbus) is proposed to make the vision of urban people take no car air taxi commuting, this seemingly crazy ideal, it seems there are others, September 2016, yuho (Uber) product manager Geoff Horton (Jeff Holden) said in a media Recode by science and technology at the Nantucket Conference conference, Uber very seriously study the urban traffic short-range flight. Uber technology is in favor of the self driving unmanned VTOL aircraft, this hybrid aircraft helicopter and fixed wing aircraft with characteristics that can hover, but can also be fixed wing flight, and are more likely to end up all electric, so it is more quiet, and the aircraft will be unmanned. Jeff Holden said he studied the technology, to provide customers with more mobile options, and obviously is to study three-dimensional traffic project, Geoff Holden more think this technology is commercially available in 10 years. Although the prediction of Geoff Holden bold, but he and Uber’s unmanned driving team is quite close, increase the credibility. Jeff Holden said that since CEO and founder Tevez · kalanike (Travis Kalanick) a few years ago that no car, Uber greatly accelerated the development of the technology of unmanned car. Jeff Holden thinks that the urban air traffic tools such as, can let a person over the traffic, save commuting time, past Uber also provides helicopter services, but that is the nature of marketing public relations, but the future air traffic can change the city and people living and working. Jeff Holden and Airbus for city air traffic vision can Great minds think alike. Uber may, in cooperation with Airbus opportunities. However, whether Uber or Airbus, not the idea was first proposed, as early as in 1493, Da Vince designed a personal aircraft, but failed to achieve, now more than 500 years, perhaps Da Vince’s vision will finally come true. Further reading: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: