Uber launch vertical landing aircraft research to provide short flight service musiland

Uber launch VTOL aircraft research provides a short flight service station of Recode Chinese in last week’s Nantucket Conference conference, Uber Product Manager Geoff · Holden (Jeff Holden) said, Uber is concerned about the new traffic mode: short distance flight service in the city. Holden said that this service is called VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), is still in the research stage. "In the future, we can provide the user with as many travel options as possible." He pointed out, it is clear that three-dimensional traffic is a concern." Holden said in an interview, this concept will be applied in the next 10 years. However, considering the complexity of air travel in densely populated areas, the plan is very radical. (VTOL) there is also a possibility of a collision in the air Holden had worked for Amazon and Groupon. He recently participated in the launch of Uber driverless car project in Pittsburgh. He pointed out that a few years ago, Uber CEO Travis · (Travis Kalanick) initially mentioned this technology, Uber began to accelerate the research of this technology. VTOL represents a greater goal of Uber, but at present it is still a concept, there are still far away from the actual application. In simple terms, the VTOL aircraft can vertical takeoff and landing and hovering, similar to a helicopter. However, unlike conventional helicopters, these aircraft are equipped with a number of horizontal rotors, and may use fixed wing design, and even the use of batteries to provide power, and mute performance is better. Similar to a car, such a vehicle may also be automatic. Although Uber’s plan is still in its infancy, the concept of a "ubiquitous airport" is a cause for concern. Holden said that such aircraft can be landed on the roof of the city high-rise, thereby reducing the commuting time and traffic congestion. In his vision, many people can use this device, similar to car sharing service UberPool. Uber had previously provided helicopter services, but this is more for marketing purposes. So far, the study of vertical landing gear is mainly driven by the military. For example, the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has proposed VTOL experimental aircraft project, "the goal is to solve these challenges by combining the advantages of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, as well as the development and integration of innovation system, promote the optimization and a vertical cruise flight capability". Currently, there are many start-up companies and large companies are studying VTOL. Recently, Airbus released a study on the city’s air taxi, the results of the air taxi can carry cargo. Last month, "Aviation Week" reported: "Airbus’s Silicon Valley lab A3 has developed a single passenger aircraft through the Project Vahana project. The internal and external developers have reached a consensus on the aircraft design, the prototype will be 2)相关的主题文章: