Uber stunning release air bus plan to redefine the future of the world mia farrow

Uber stunning release air bus plan to redefine the future of the world in less than 10 years time, Uber redefined the flexible workforce, and gave the United States the taxi industry hit. The company has launched a team of self driving cars in Pittsburgh, which is becoming the most valuable start-up in history. In the streets of Pittsburgh, where Uber is now driving, Uber has promised to develop a flying car, and even the entire bus system that can support the flight. According to recently released a 99 page white paper described in Uber, in 10 years to build a "Elevate" network, composed of all electric vehicles, they can according to the needs of vertical takeoff and landing. Interested readers can go to see the white paper. Uber Elevate goes along the National Highway 101, you are equipped with the aircraft within 15 minutes from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, but also have to pay the price and travel on the ground by Uber – at least in theory is. These are not flying cars that can fly on the ground and fly in the sky. Uber uses a more exciting feeling of the Jason family (see below): in the future, you can fly over traffic jams. The dream of "the Jason family" has been in existence since the advent of airplanes and cars. The idea was set on the cover of the new technology era in 1926. Car king Henry · Ford (Henry Ford) has promised that this technology will be achieved in 1940. And that’s what Silicon Valley supporters say, and that’s what modern technology companies can and should do — not useless apps or naive on-demand services. March 1926’s new era of science and Technology (Popular Science) cover now, through the help of all parties, Uber plans to achieve this dream. This house is located in San Francisco’s transportation giant is not planning to design or construction of these things, but I hope the catalytic market, private and government parties together to solve a series of technical, regulatory and infrastructure problems — from the battery to the density of aircraft certification, to air traffic control. "If you can get all these things," says Geoff, Uber’s product manager, · (Jeff), "you’ll be able to implement a new way of transportation, (Holden)". Once these parts in place, Uber can complete its already done in the car thing: they will recruit pilots, with its huge customer base is connected with the recommended route, then charge tolls into. Whether you believe it or not, building a flying car is not the hardest part of the plan. According to the white paper, Uber is expected to be in the market within 5 years will be a fully electric, and vertical take-off and landing aircraft. It can fly about 240 km / h at a speed of about 160 km, with a number of passengers and a pilot. But aviation experts say the timetable is reasonable. Boeing.相关的主题文章: