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Business The concept of karma is an integral part of many eastern religions. The law of karma, also known as law of cause and effect, is the basic pillar of Hindu philosophy. According to the law of karma, the physical and mental actions of a person are binding. Whatever happens to us (good or bad) in life is a result of our past actions. Everything we do is bound to have an effect on our lives. It not just includes our actions but also thoughts and intentions. The law of karma even has a scientific basis. Many scientists believe that like attracts like. For this reason, the power of positive thinking has been emphasized by scholars and Hindu philosophers. Understanding the law of karma can go a long way when it .es to improving the quality of our lives. A person who understands the law of karma learns to accept his life circumstances. The law of karma helps people deal with life problems and difficulties in a calm and confident manner. Instead of blaming the others for his actions, he learns to take responsibility and face the consequences of his actions. However, the law of karma doesnt imply that we cant do anything to change our life circumstances. It certainly doesnt mean that a person should resign to his fate and not make any efforts to over.e problems and difficulties. On the contrary, an understanding of the law of karma empowers you to face life challenges in a calm and .posed way. There are many books for self-help that may prove to be immensely helpful when it .es to developing an understanding of the karma principle. A large volume of literature has been written on how to make your life better and ways to improve life. There are many good books that have proved to be helpful for countless people all over the world. Secrets of Karma is one of the leading books that throws light on law of karma and how it affects our lives. Written by Vee Jay Attri, the book intends to help people face all challenges in life in a confident manner. From how to think positively to how to be more peaceful in life, the book .prehensively answers all the questions of the readers. Secrets of Karma essentially serve as a guiding light and helps people find the right path in life. The book explains all the concepts in a simple and .prehensive manner, making it easier for people to understand them and implement them in their lives. A teen edition of the book is also available for teenagers and young adults. Secrets of karma is one of the best positive thinking books that can help people unlock their hidden potential and gain a better understanding on human nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: