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Unlock new self pose do a water toot duck lips girl this year what things have a routine, it must be about self pout, than V, Meng Meng Da feel! Nitrogen! Walking in the forefront of fashion girl of course can not be confined to the pout of self ribbon, to say what the self pose most fashionable, it must bring about the adorable duck lips pose! The benefits of duck lips pose can appear to widen the eyes, chin becomes sharp, so that people become more perfect face. But from the emotion, the pose makes people feel warm, like a smile, but most of the babies are this lip, it is with little adorable. For example, the cherry country actress like this pose, such as Lena Fujii, Itano Tomomi. In addition, many female stars are also love to put a lip, lip looks very full, and by age. For example, angelababy, with fan-shaped eyelashes look like a doll. Fan Bingbing also tried to duck lips pose, boarded the magazine with the queen of the gas field. Zhao Liying is the self timer when the bend out of duck lips finger is pose, the people are Meng Meng Da on his lips. And the pose take the duck lips to the number of full water embellish lipstick, water toot looks very pure very cute. If you think you can’t handle the matte lip of the queen of the gas field, it is better to try this moist Meng Da feeling, if you need a hydra Lipstick: Xiao Bian recently saw MAC launched a new Huggable lubicating kiss lipstick, can be seen from the bullet from the traditional packaging design, packaging for a simple cylindrical. Color is also from red to pink and orange. Price is 210 yuan, slightly more expensive than the traditional fashion lipstick a little bit, the reason why we look down to know. Of course, the most important thing is to show the lipstick color La, Xiaobian directly invited our beauty for eight (bagongju) real experience of the Huggable Pro run lipstick kiss, we try to link directly into the real color: this color is orange, color is very natural, which make the skin a bit yellow girl can also control. This color is a bit close to the Coral Orange, is a very white color. The color of some partial powder, because the lipstick itself is very moist, with moist pink lip effect is very healthy. This is the first partial red lipstick, if you feel the first lip color too much orange, can choose the slightly red little color. The color is slightly redder, if the overtime, then you can choose the color, the overall look is. The last paragraph from the paste view you would think is in fact berry color, painted into the mouth there is a rose pink feeling, pink is very lovely colors. This series of lipstick will more moisture than the classic fashion lipstick, lipstick contains wood Shandong Xingguo brown fat fruit oil, soybean seed extract, coated with moisturizing effect comes after. If you belong to the lip deep girl, can use makeup products in lipstick before pressing, covering a lip color, it will make!相关的主题文章: