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Netizens LPL All Star: five row, retarded jack combination hot eye S6 world finals ended, the LPL all star game will be opened, the all star voting is open, you have a mind of their own team? The day before the users selected the LPL all star team were wonderful, a look! With five rows of combined five row five row combination mentally retarded combination refers to: EDG Koro1, WE single jungler Condi, LGD single OMG ADC Wei God, Sima and the old LGD auxiliary PYL. These players often live on the five points, the atmosphere is very funny and lively, fans are affectionately known as the combination of mentally retarded. This picture of Sima and his release also showed that they accepted the call. With five rows of combination has said, the all star team actually paper strength is very strong, the five players are top level in their own position, if not get all stars and other areas of a war. Wei God micro-blog said he voted in the all star, voted for the five groups of mental retardation is not unreasonable. More than 1 thousand pounds of combined jack mix if — all star game allows off-site PK then LPL division would be the winner. This lineup by weight can kill opposite. Brothers in arms, more than 1 thousand pounds "is not a joke. This lineup by the EDG on a single AmazingJ, IG playing wild child, LGD in the single Wei God, RNG ADC and GT auxiliary Savoki composition. Each player is in their respective positions…… Heavyweight. Reason, the lineup is also very strong strength, with a good chance to play a special chemical effects. Just be careful of other people, "42 pounds". In addition, this lineup may be less than one thousand pounds, the nine hundred pounds well, it is quite possible. Yan Yan combination of the values of value combinations each year to the world stage, you can hear the domestic fans exclaimed, "who is this? What?" "Love Rekkles, love Smeb, love Bjergson" and so on, as if I can’t be in LPL with a yen value of battle. OMG on single sunset, VG’s playing wild Dandy, OMG single Icon, WE ADC Mystic and EDG auxiliary Meiko. This lineup can make those foreign fans, western audience feel the charm of Oriental men! If one yen value if this team is the champion! The strongest foreign aid combination strongest foreign aid this lineup the next combination may be more controversial lineup, the five players are from other areas, are still fighting in the LPL’s top foreign players. RNG on a single Looper, SS playing wild SofM, IG single Rookie, EDG ADC Deft and RNG auxiliary Mata. The single position of the Looper should be no dispute, has maintained a very high level of professionalism; and Vietnam to play wild powder came to China after.相关的主题文章: