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Walking the UFO: the United States launched a new vehicle perception obstacle "walking saucer" according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 3rd, American Ford Motor Co. engineer Killian gas (Kilian Vas) et al? Invented a new type of Electric Scooter – Carr-E. This looks like a flying saucer can ride flat is the gospel of urban commuters, it can not only be able to travel through the car can not reach the place, but also to carry heavy objects, followed by the user. Carr-E can carry 265 pounds (about 120 kg), the maximum speed of about 11 miles (about 17.7 km), a charge can travel about 14 miles (about 22.53 km), the front ultrasonic sensor can perceive obstacles, built-in GPS. While night trip, running lights before and after placement can remind passers-by to avoid. "Carr-E is designed to provide a more flexible and convenient transportation model." Designer Kilian (Kilian Vas) gas? Said, "I want to do more than just a piece of air cushion plate, or just a means of transport, but also a goods loading device, and it is to be placed in the trunk of the car, with the car carrying." Carr-E is just one of the 633 mobile solutions submitted by Ford employees to the Challenge Mile Mobility (Last). The competition aims to seek better personal action AIDS in order to help people reach the place where the ordinary means of transport can not reach. (global network)相关的主题文章: