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Walking in Zhejiang see "innovation": here is not the only Alibaba –IT– people.com.cn original title: walking Zhejiang "innovation" (new ideas to lead the new development? Governance of new ideas and new practice) in front of the palm of the box, simple and compact. Do not underestimate this charger, it can automatically detect current, full stop automatically, than the general charger smart". Ningbo bulls group launched the anti overcharge charger, a listing on a firm market. By "innovation" bid on economic and social development in Zhejiang is marching towards a higher level. The development of innovative ways, everywhere surging "power source" in Zhejiang city of Longquan town Lishui celadon, farmhouse boss Chen Zhaoqing from the beginning to now has been busy — not only a showcase floor celadon ware sales, building two vegetable farmers are also hard to find a table. Longquan celadon in the past "can be well-known, far and near, go state, industry do not. Now due to the "create characteristic town", "green culture" is a powerful burst of economic potential: 5 years after the industrial output value will exceed 1 billion yuan. The angel into the Anji Town, here the fairy tale theme park dizzying. Cartoon doll wearing Hello Kitty dress around sell adorable, attracted little friends cheers again and again. Anji county Party Secretary Shen Mingquan introduced around the farmhouse is full, in 2015 the county’s total tourism revenue reached 17 billion 500 million yuan. Characteristics of the town is the pride of innovation and development in Zhejiang in recent years, the pen is not only high-end platform for the gathering of factors, but also the upgrading of industrial innovation, driving the engine of effective investment. Only a year, the 37 characteristics of the town of Zhejiang will add $2 billion 130 million tax. Born and grew up in Zhejiang, Alibaba group, this year to achieve a leap beyond its 2016 fiscal year revenue exceeded the traditional retail business WAL-MART, the world’s largest retail platform. Zhejiang people ‘dare to be the first, in particular the spirit of entrepreneurship’, is the development and expansion of the Alibaba seed." Alibaba family Ma Yun summed up. Innovation can not be separated from the environment. As long as the benign development of enterprises constitute a constraint, we will reduce, then cut, and then cut." Ma Xiaohui, executive vice mayor of Hangzhou in the hands of the reduction of the cost of reducing the burden on the healthy development of the real economy to promote the healthy development of a number of opinions, the document on the value of 27 billion." With the spirit of innovation to dare, 30 years of reform and opening up, resource poor Zhejiang has been standing in the forefront. Today, the rich in Zhejiang, still everywhere surging tide of innovation – the government struggling to boost, bold exploration of enterprises. Small manhole cover, can have great benefits? Hangzhou Sichuang Huilian Technology Co., the answer is! It is easy to throw them away, causing significant risks." Company director Cai Yufeng said, "we put on the design of the sensor tag, displacement change covers, the background can immediately receive the alarm information." At the beginning of this year, about 6000 Hangzhou City manhole cover has been improved. This innovation results, promote the company to achieve economic and social benefits. Today, the animated film "the return" heat disappeared)相关的主题文章: