Want to buy a red car festival strong incoming-pork face

Want to buy a car "red Car Buying Festival" to create "strong incoming first electric car Car Buying Festival" to "buy" in May this year, innovation, again with the second "red Car Buying Festival" a strong hit, and hit the "double 11 double low" slogan, not only the price is low, the loan quality price is lower, but also release half fine, blew the double 11 car category price war. Car festival starting from October 20th, ahead of the introduction of Limited buying activities. During the event with the car to send the value of 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan package, including car air purification facilities, safety protection device, medical equipment, tire pressure detector, power conversion device, leather headrest utility intimate configuration. Compared with the first session of the second session of the red Car Buying Festival, there are two highlights: the first is the red red May prices, not only low prices, excellent loan prices lower; the second one is the anti conventional double eleven to bring the goods delivery time delay, during the red Car Buying Festival, vehicle orders can be delivered quickly in November 12th. The car. The double feast has double opening meet: in October 20th, 24, 27 and 31, and in November 1 to 11 days, every noon to 11:11, a variety of models of price drop 1100 yuan each, grab a limit. For example, in November 11th to purchase orders (408 Peugeot 2016 1.6T automatic Deluxe Edition), price 161 thousand and 700, 129 thousand and 900 price to buy a car, Car Buying in panic buying time, in addition to enjoy straight down 31 thousand and 800 yuan low, can enjoy the 1100 yuan price of the double 11, the price can be reduced by 32 thousand and 900. Tip: kuangshuai goods prices in different star models, such as Buick GL8, angkola, lacrosse, Ling Du 2017, Cadillac ATS-L and other colorful low-cost launch orders sent 3000 yuan fine, large packs containing car air purification facilities, safety protection device, medical equipment, tire pressure detector, such as a public power conversion device close configuration. Special features: parallel imported cars special, bringing together BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, TOYOTA and Land Rover and other brands of special models. Economic applicable field and supply cars, all donated $2000 worth of luxury high-end boutique package, buy any field models give the value of 5000 yuan fine package. Intelligent supply chain, "double low" energy foot as the only closed loop electric car manufacturers currently on the domestic market, to buy 11 double red Car Buying Festival "double low" can be described as full of confidence. In addition to self China market first socialization, reusable vehicle supply chain, to buy a car in the country nearly 100 city built the "light" of the delivery center, a collection of multi brand, resources can be reused, significantly enhance the efficiency. Built in the supply chain and the line across the country to deliver the center, to create the industry’s first social reusable vehicle supply chain and delivery system. Once the client platform in order to buy a car with their own intelligent supply chain system and platform resource advantages, the optimal scheme of the procurement and transportation vehicle allocation to the local delivery center, consumers can choose according to the demand, self-service delivery, insurance, loans, fine installation, licensing and other services, and even to a!相关的主题文章: