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"Warrior’s gate" exposure "Dancing" special Mark Ni Ni fantasy dance entertainment Sohu – "warrior’s gate" the ultimate poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment fantasy journey, the warrior was born! Magic action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" today (November 18th) with five major shock release, the audience will wander in the grand interesting magic world, enjoy the good effects brought about by magic fantastic colorful visual effects. In the movie, the story of blood suck counterattack, very suitable for young people to watch. But foreign stars interpretation of the illusion of fighting, soared on the same stage play head movements in a showdown will be a fun action drama. In addition, the film also incorporates a lot of humor elements. In today’s exposure of the "Dancing" featurette, Mark and Ni Ni fantasy dance hey earthshaking, leading the audience happily on this magical journey open up a fresh outlook.     one point: Fantasy action mix strong suction eye film become an independent school "warrior’s gate" story structure of whimsy, fusion of magic, action, comedy elements, unique genre film in the same schedule in a thriving. The film inside the magical world of brutal and ruthless Barbarian King, one quite different world, vigorous physique and giant blade strangling many rivals, and Dryad, mountain fine various races waiting a salvation. Mark, Ni Ni, Uriah Sheldon, Wu Zhenyu group Daguai teams and each branching beyond time and space battle, magnificent magic dazzling action, sincere to the meat of adrenergic stimulation. In addition, the humor in the film very flattering, Uriah Sheldon as a boy from Jack through modern to ancient time. With his style and illusion of freedom in people’s thinking has a distinct contrast, the collision of American humor and traditional ideas but also make the film bursting point frequently. Ni Ni played the princess through two things: Mark Ni Ni led a dance comic play hi fantasy film released on the same day, also released a "dance" feature, in the special edition of the exposure of Mark and Ni Ni in the dance segment. I saw Mark wearing golden armor led the Royal Knights when they dance, body follow the beat and dance, is a solemn expression. In a dance, knights and poker-faced swing martial arts posture, seamless produced unexpected contrasts adorable. Mark said in an interview: "the script was not a dance, it comes from the director’s whim. In fact there is no time to shoot after the rehearsal, I also can crustily skin of head, but the final presentation of the results." But Princess Ni Ni also Meng Meng Da, she was in the tower to practice Tai Chi play carefree and content, suddenly heart big swing posture, very self hi danced modern dance, a cute. From this special edition can also be seen in the film is more interesting comedy elements take the audience. Zhao warrior archery aspect three: excellent visual effects such as strong shock sound personally on the scene of the film scene magnificent fairyland, framing across Asia, Europe and North America, the steep mountains, mountain valleys, lakes and other quiet views on the silver screen"相关的主题文章: