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Watch the pioneer decryption provoke outrage! Blizzard play when the game — original title: watch pioneer decryption provoke outrage! Blizzard play when the "pioneer" since the watch came a new hero Sombra information, the FPS work has become a "puzzle game", a variety of suspense, routine simply makes people unable to tucao. Remember two days before the small skull it just two weeks ago, they also praised Blizzard game player ARG very interesting, and is keen on this: at that time, Blizzard also aware of the difficulty of their puzzle is too high, especially in the official website released a screenshot of Dorado will provide clues to the correct direction of game player. Then, under the guidance of online cable, there is a Sombra skull decryption game player avatar, game player are also on at Blizzard’s "decryption pioneer" endless praise, said a moderator Reddit detective game forum: This is what I play for several months to one of the most interesting ARG game. Game player ARG game has said that this mutation occurred recently, Blizzard’s official website, "hacker" Sombra left a mysterious message, puzzle game player who began a new puzzle non-stop break blizzard. They found that this mysterious thread is still a 23 hour countdown, and with the advance of the puzzle, the page also contains the progress of information hiding in percentage display, which makes the game player were very excited: this time, we finally opened the mysterious identity Sombra. I don’t play detectives thought he saw a dark passage at the end of the light, but they actually fall into another pit. At present, the progress bar of the page stops at 5%, no one can figure out the rest of the puzzle, and the detective in the end what direction to find clues. In frustration, many people began to turn up. The game player the game player open spray angry said: "I’m very seriously, please don’t let this puzzle. This is the worst ARG design. ARG is a fun game, game player to find new clues through the puzzle can, put all the clues together, you can get more information, and finally reveals the truth. And you called ARG will only set the so-called mystery emerge in an endless stream, the puzzle will only lead to more mystery game player, the game player and hard puzzle for nothing — only some obscure Spanish motto for our digging. We have spent more than a month in the puzzle, and now we don’t have any information about Sombra!" Game player their mood is very easy to understand: "puzzle pioneer" ARG only solve puzzles, but did not give any reward in the process of puzzle game player. Many game player hard, leaving them only a puzzle, they found that only some of the "message not clear". This is like a child received by the exquisite gift box packaging gifts, he opened the first box, found that there is also a more beautiful packaging, he may be very happy, but a month down box, found inside the box or the box only, he may have to take this box)相关的主题文章: