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West Lake tourists lost mobile phone framed the boatman was thief boatman: please respect the Sohu news yesterday afternoon at about 1, broken bridge, two men and two women around a West Lake boatman, seem to be arguing with what, the boatman’s face, full of frustration and resentment. What the hell is going on here?. The boatman surnamed Zhou, a staff member of West Lake hand boat No. 243, this year 38 years old, Tonglu people, six years in West Lake. Yesterday, he and the usual barge at the bridge west of the terminal, waiting for the guests. According to the practice, a boat 150 yuan, up to four people, usually an hour and then return to the starting point. About 12 o’clock in the week of the master and ushered in a wave of new guests…… "They’re all dressed up in four." Mr. Zhou said, wearing a purple velvet suit, wearing emerald ring middle-aged man to him after the inquiry, four sat on boating. The boat, Mr. purple suit claiming to be surnamed Zhao, and his wife and friends together to play couple from Beijing to Hangzhou, and Mr. Zhou asked West Lake what fun. "After a tour of the ship, you can go to the white embankment, the scenery is good." Zhou master introduced. An hour of time to visit soon, the landing process, Zhou master saw them drop a train ticket, but also picked up and handed over to Mr. Zhao, and good intentions to remind you not to forget valuables. Four took the ticket, disappeared in the crowd, and the week of the master continued on the shore, waiting for his next guest. Tourists can not find a mobile phone that is stolen from the boatman in less than a minute, the four face and back, anxious and doubt, Mr. Zhao’s wife still shouted: "my husband’s mobile phone and mobile phone!, are gone." Mr. Zhou is very urgent, the ship and search again, still no trace of mobile phone. "When you ship lost, certainly you took it! I’ll give you two thousand dollars, the two mobile phone are handed out!" Mr. Zhao wife looking straight at the side of Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhao and friends are surrounded by Mr. Zhou, soon, surrounding a ring of tourists. "What ah, oh, lost mobile phone?" "is not the master take?" you made me a phrase, a noisy scene. And this week, the master mind like plugging the same, very painful, in front of the visitors said: "your mobile phone is lost, I am very sorry, but I have not really mobile phone, do not believe, you can alarm, let the police." Mr. Zhao wife still doubts: "did you take? Unless something fishy?!" Zhou master picked up the mobile phone, dialed 110. Soon, driving a speedboat in West Lake on duty Zhou Xiangjun arrived at the West bridge. Here’s the police, but it’s not. The 56 year old Zhou Xiangjun, West Lake is the famous "star police", "West Lake fishing brother" said, in the water station more than ten years of work, light the drowning person saved nearly two people in West Lake, to help visitors find the missing items in it is too many to count. "West Lake fishing brother" not simple "special equipment" meritorious service to the scene, Zhou Xiangjun learned that two mobile phone is an apple 6plus, a Samsung note7"相关的主题文章: