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UnCategorized ALEC, stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, and is a non-partisan, conservative, nonprofit group of state legislators along with private sector advocates. The group works to develop "model laws" to help states and is also a networking medium for other legislatures to research how problems and policy projects have been dealt with in other areas. ALEC is made up of about two thousand lawmaker members and represents all fifty states. The group also has about three hundred corporate and private sector members, and is proud to boast that its alumni consists of more than eighty five members of Congress, and 14 current or former governors. Most of the officials who have served in Congress or as governors were also members of the Republican Party, while about one third of the legislative members belong to the Democratic Party. While ALEC has recently also been associated with the tea party, and the ever growing tea party movement, its actual mission is to "advance the Jeffersonian principles of the free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty through non-partisan, public-private partnership between America’s state legislators and concerned members of the private sector, policy experts, and the general public." While the new health care law has recently thrust ALEC into the spotlight, the agency has always worked to bring business people and lawmakers together to implement policies that benefit all areas of the general public. Recently, the uproar over the new health care legislation has been a major focus of the group. That being said, in addition to taking on health care issues, ALEC continuously works to improve society by utilizing nine task forces that take on an assortment of issues affecting public policy. These task forces include: Civil justice, .merce, education, insurance and economic development, health and human services, public safety and elections, natural resources, tele.munications and information technology, and tax and fiscal policy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: