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What is the biggest challenge for a happy marriage, 90% people do not know the Sohu that woman with 1 child complained: "we got married, I think my husband will enjoy the life, always give me infinite surprise, he will not play musical instruments, sing me a song, a song, take me to ride over the weekend, fishing, holiday and will take me to the exploration or participate in the group tour pal…… But after marriage, he still like this, but I can not stand, especially after the child…… My husband complained that he is full of complaints, I think it is changed. Did I really change? But am I the same? Who will care home, the child who will manage? I want to find our past sweet time, but found that the reality is a feather. To tell you the truth, I’m disappointed in my marriage." This example represents a very interesting phenomenon: you may find yourself had to attract each other or fall in love with each other, to the marriage, but a place for each other on the biggest drawback, and even become the root causes of conflicts and the marriage of husband and wife quarrel. We love the wrong person? Not exactly, the real reason is that our needs have changed. Is the love changed, or our needs change? Before marriage, ideal setting for a couple in love lovers. After marriage, life is filled with daily necessities daily necessaries of tea. Love is romantic, but marriage is real and concrete. Love is easy, sweet, but marriage is a mission and responsibility. Therefore, the natural difference between love and marriage, we have to face different challenges, to deal with different problems. Two people from each other to attract, to close, and then to marriage, not a marriage certificate will be able to get. The new life has just begun. And love is completely different, marriage it needs to operate, mutual debugging. 2 studies have said that even a loving husband and wife, at some point in the marriage process, will inevitably think of "divorce", but is not less than 50 times. What does this show? That our love for your partner is not always the same, our marriage is not shown as solid or stable, and even can be said to be continuous unrest, the most important thing is that this change is caused by internal to. In a word, that is to say, our love and even ourselves, and our marriage, are constantly changing, and naturally, our views on life and marriage are constantly changing. Before marriage, the two sides together, just need to be happy, talk about OK. However, after entering the marriage, the needs of men and women, in the gradual differentiation. Men and women have different needs for marriage. In marriage, a man’s needs are primarily sexual gratification; a play; a mate’s attraction; a partner’s admiration. In marriage, a woman’s needs are primarily a matter of warmth, romance, listening to her, loyalty and candor, financial support, and commitment to the family. Put the needs of both sides at the same time, we can see that it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad people in marriage, it is more difficult to break off相关的主题文章: