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When the coffee in modern machines you how to choose [eleven] special tourism – Sohu Park in a small shopping mall at the entrance door, a coffee room, To.mo.ca coffee was founded in the year in Ethiopia has more than and 60 years of history, is a family of roasted coffee company, Ethiopia is also the first coffee company headquarters. Located in the capital city of Addisababa, To.mo.ca is the ItalianTorrefazione acronym, meaning the modern cafe. Since the shepherds in the KAFA region have discovered the coffee beans and the Arabs have begun to grow in bulk, the To.mo.ca family has brought traditional coffee from Ethiopia to the modern world. Now with the ancient kingdom of coffee into the world, therefore, this coffee family is an important place in the history of Ethiopia coffee. In order to let everyone enjoy the most authentic coffee, so stop here let us experience. The coffee room decoration simple simple, only a bespectacled aunt and several are busy man, not many service personnel, but many guests can. The shop is not big, just put it down one or two seats, the door stood a few tables and chairs to other guests, a little, only to go, but even so, the guests are still in a continuous line. Finally, it points out after coffee, which made coffee with a mellow, diffuse in the narrow space less. The boys skillfully prepared a cup of coffee machine with a cup of coffee in Dali on the desktop. The money aunt all eyes as we were shooting behind the shelves of different size packed coffee, and coffee containers. In order to be more convenient, general brother is busy with the coffee guy to say hello, saying that we are shooting programs, so that they do a convenient, so that you have a chat with me. This small cafe, although there is no beautiful cup, nor elegant environment, even some noisy, but there are the world’s best coffee, the most down to earth. Although the Susu was utterly ignorant of coffee, but can’t resist in the tooth tongue with green grass taste bitter and service honest face. Look carefully at the coffee machine a raw coffee beans and Dali on the table but not even arranged exquisite coffee utensils, a room full of coffee has to cover it all. In the distant African countries, it is the oldest coffee room in order to leave unforgettable memories, and my buddy are of universal and Muyu brother buddies made a simple visit, I mainly for the coffee tastes were asked about the feeling of everyone, can answer the buddy initiated a Baoxiao, and then visited Pu Muyu brother, access to the extreme unexpectedly tears. These precious images are saved one by one, the scenery in the journey is far less than the story of the profound and unforgettable, these laughter and tears will be recorded in the journey to add a deep pen. We drank this cup of coffee after the formal toward the southern Ethiopia open. Prime world: Global traveler, freelance writer, Sina signed from the media, video blogger, travel players, Sina seconds to shoot up to M相关的主题文章: