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Why do small and medium enterprises need to help themselves? Sohu – Science and technology since the premier of the State Council put forward the concept of "Internet plus", "Internet plus" this noun is the night of the explosion of fire. The so-called "Internet plus", its essence is the use of information and communication technology, the Internet platform and traditional industry, all walks of life are combined to create a new business ecosystem. In the past, the Internet is more than a large enterprise can use the patent – a huge capital investment, professional personnel maintenance, which makes the small and medium enterprises looking back. However, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, a series of H5 site building tools also rise in the network, has been a number of enterprise support. With the help of these tools, even if it is a novice, you can also carry out self training and independent operation after a simple training. The emergence of H5 station tools, for small and medium enterprises is undoubtedly a good news, it will explore more opportunities for small and medium enterprises. H5 site tools can do for you? The essence of 1 zero based self-help website development tools through drag and drop editing module, web site at the same time, the major tool of the background will excellent template and function plug-ins provide massive, even if you are a technical white, you can easily learn how to make enterprise website and website. 2 multimedia creative promotion station to support a variety of media formats, you can insert text, picture content, and can play video, audio content, smooth, stable. Therefore, businesses can play the creative use of these multimedia content to achieve better results. 3 easy to achieve user interaction must have played H5 games, right? Yes, H5 station can also produce interactive effect of every kind of cool, realize the interaction with the user. On this basis, the H5 website from the traditional one-way communication, increase a variety of interactive marketing programs, enterprises can enhance the intensity of communication. 4 cross platform drainage site can be multi platform collaboration, but also can spread across platforms, whether it is on the computer, on the phone or tablet, we can read the H5 page. This multi platform browsing channels, there is no doubt that the business has brought more traffic. Fast station, the country’s leading H5 site building tools Sohu fast station () is a free Sohu H5 development tools. As the leading domestic H5 website development tools, Sohu stand back of the Internet giant Sohu, has a strong technical support, based on server stability, realize the integration and collaboration of community, electricity providers, H5 articles, posters, public management and other functions, and can generate the APP mobile phone website, it is powerful. Fast station also has a massive template library, both sites, community, or electricity supplier, posters, all enterprises can find the diversiform design template. In addition, these templates are also based on the different sectors of the vertical classification, e-commerce, life services, education and training…… Everything to meet the user’s personalized needs. Users simply drag navigation, articles, pictures and other components to the page can be.相关的主题文章: