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Why the engine with displacement of driving force behind? What will you pay attention to Sohu car? Shape, space or displacement? Shape is aesthetic, space is comfortable, displacement related to power, and power as the core embodiment of vehicle performance technology, today, we focus on this thing. In the general perception of consumers, may feel that a car’s engine displacement, the greater the power. In fact, with changes in technology, has undergone fundamental changes to the concept of displacement, because the same maximum torque of 230Nm engine, it is possible that 2.0L may also be 1.2L large displacement, small displacement engine, no kidding, this is the result of technological progress of the engine after death. The 230THP PureTech engine of Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR 2017 models equipped with it, the displacement is 1.2L, the maximum output power is 100kW, the maximum output torque is 230Nm, and the same level of XR-V models is 1.8L, the maximum output power of the engine is 100kW, maximum torque output is only 169Nm, and more research data can be found, the displacement of 1.2 the engine performance can even catch up with some competitors 1.4T engine. This time, with the development of technology, displacement and power output from the inevitable linear relationship. Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR 2017 models equipped with 230THP PureTech PureTech engine, of course, the rapid development and application of new materials and new technologies, not only reflected in the power, but also include the ultra high performance, comfort, low fuel consumption, so that a hundred years engine hull, we look up. First, the small displacement of large power why not paradox? C3-XR 2017 is equipped with 230THP PureTech engine, the actual displacement of 1.199L (equivalent to the size of a cylinder cans) the maximum power output in 100kW 5500rpm, the maximum output torque of 230Nm, maximum torque speed from 1750rpm to 3500rpm, basically covering the starting acceleration, acceleration, and high speed engine speed can be used. When the driver needs to ensure that at any time, obviously, this is a high performance engine. Behind the Dongfeng Citroen 230THP PureTech engine output characteristics curve of any outstanding achievements are countless sweat, three PSA the world’s leading technology for the 230THP PureTech engine with small displacement of the "big power" to provide the most direct support: gasoline direct injection, turbocharged, lightweight double continuous variable valve timing system. Gasoline direct injection, in recent years the rapid development, it uses diesel fuel, was able to produce such a charm, mainly lies in the way the traditional port injection and quantity regulation, for in cylinder direct injection, can more effectively organize combustion. In fact, the direct contact of the cylinder directly said that.相关的主题文章: