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Woman stole the store for their drug expired drugs was caught after death returned to the store for woman to steal drugs into their own expired drugs was caught after death is not returned on the 23 day at half past ten in the morning, Chengdu City radio and television reporters came to a large pharmacy is located in the west of the fairy tree. The pharmacy manager told us that there was a Li Popo said to buy five boxes of "Glipizide Controlled Release Tablets", so the manager will take out five boxes of drugs ready to settle accounts. At this point, Li mother-in-law said no money, and then walked out of the shop. No exceptions were found when the manager was ready to put the kit out, and the boxes seemed to be getting old. After checking the production batches of several boxes of drugs, the manager confirmed that these boxes were not five boxes they had taken out. Suspected to be changed by her mother’s bag, the store immediately chased out, pull Li Popo. Li Popo admitted that he was taking advantage of the manager to pay attention, secretly put his package expired drugs and new drugs were exchanged. But when the shop asked Li Popo to exchange drugs, but was rejected by her, but in desperation, the manager chose the alarm. Under the mediation of the police, the manager agreed to help Li Popo sell these five boxes of drugs, Li Popo also promised whether sell or not, will not argue about it. Chengdu radio and television Zhang Lin source: Chengdu radio and television editor notes: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, couples together steal pharmacy, the wife wearing 4 Pants plug drugs, husband to cover

太婆偷将店内新药换成自家过期药 被逮后死不退还太婆偷将店内新药换成自家过期药 被逮后死不退还23日上午十点半,成都市广播电视台记者来到位于神仙树西路的某大药店。药店店长告诉我们,当时有位李婆婆说要买五盒“ 格列吡嗪控释片”,于是店长便拿出了五盒药品准备算账。此时,李婆婆却说没带钱,然后走出了店。没发现任何异常的店长准备将拿出的药盒放好时发现,这些盒药似乎变旧了。在查看了几盒药的生产批次之后,店长才确认这几盒药不是自己当时拿出的五盒。怀疑到可能是被婆婆换了包,店长立马追了出去拉住李婆婆。李婆婆承认,自己是趁店长去算账没注意时偷偷把自己包里快过期的药与新药进行了调换。但当店主要求李婆婆退换药品时,但遭到了她的拒绝,无奈之下店长选择了报警。在警方的调解下,店长同意帮李婆婆代卖这五盒药品,李婆婆也答应不论卖出与否,不会再就此事与其争论。成都市广播电视台 张林来源:成都市广播电视台编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 夫妻联手偷药店 妻子穿4条裤塞药品丈夫做掩护相关的主题文章: