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Women spend twenty thousand to do breast augmentation surgery wound fishy originally forget stitches original title: Xi’an women spend twenty thousand to do breast augmentation surgery wound bursts of stench people often say that everyone has the heart of beauty, 24 year old Liu is a beautiful girl, in order to make themselves more perfect, she did this summer breast augmentation surgery, postoperative months she has endless troubles. Liu: "I in mid August this year to do a breast augmentation surgery, seven days after the stitches, the doctor said surgery was very successful, very successfully removed the line. After a month, I can smell the stench smell armpit, my intuition is wound problems." At first, Liu also suspected that this smell may be their own psychological problems, however, then go to the hospital to know, the edge is indeed a problem under. Liu: "the doctor said that he did not review the demolition, and then split the needle, said the demolition clean. Three months later, the blade or tingling, the doctor said, did not remove clean." Remove the needle after a month, three months after surgery to remove a needle, but this is not the end, Liu also exposed thread wound. Liu: "now I regret doing this operation." Reporters learned that the existing means of breast augmentation is divided into two kinds, one is in the lower part of the breast ring cut, and the other is in the armpit opening the prosthesis into the breast. And Liu is selected in the armpit surgery, surgical wound like this is more subtle. Liu: "you see here is not black, black is the location of the line." Reporters noted that more than three months after the operation, Liu scar still swollen, and bursts of fishy smell, the taste is obviously different from the smell of sweat. What is the black spot on the back of Liu? And this situation is normal? The reporter decided and Liu plastic surgery hospital to understand. The reporter followed Liu to her breast augmentation surgery hospital, hospital located in Ruili high road high tech Zone of Xi’an City, the hospital seems not a small scale, the door hung a variety of door plaque, what Liu who exposed thread is going on, this hospital will explain? The reporter followed Liu came to Ruili hospital leadership office, claiming to be a competent business vice president received us. Xi’an Ruili hospital official: "the girl found after surgery below the armpit exudation, when she was to check the line we found not demolished. This is the responsibility of the medical staff, because just out of school doctors in this area lack of experience." The hospital admitted after stitches there are mistakes, but in responsibility, but talk ambiguously. Xi’an Ruili hospital official: "the first time that the leakage removed, our employees have punished." Reporter: how do you punish?" Hospital: "has left." Liu: "I just met him." Hospital: "that’s two people." Liu: "which is two people, that is the man." Reporter: "how do you talk about the introduction of non – language?" Hospital: "because the first surgery who is with the bed we do not know." It seems that people are not sure who is responsible for the operation assistant, when reporters wanted to prop into the surgeon相关的主题文章: