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Women’s card money was fraud 1 million 500 thousand bank products involved in the presence of defects Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Xinhua Shanghai October 7th news (reporter Huang Anqi) the bank card only financial products, there is no balance, but still in the loss of millions of dollars in telecommunications fraud. Shanghai citizen Ms. Lee sued the bank for compensation of losses, the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court ruling on the case recently. The court held that the bank product design flaws, discretionary judgment responsibility 20%. In January 8, 2016, foreign banks Lee Shanghai people in a large state-owned bank’s personal account funds before the bank is abnormal, issued 5 loans to her account, then the money was transferred to other accounts. Ms. Lee immediately reported the matter, and freeze the account. Ms. Lee said that only the individual account has not yet expired financial products, no deposit, she did not apply for a loan to the bank. As Ms. Lee did not repay on time, the bank in accordance with the pledge loan contract, the name of her financial products in the open redemption after disposal. As of April 8th, Ms. Lee account after the disposal of financial products after a total repayment of 148 yuan, including 1 million 469 thousand and 700 yuan loan principal and interest and fines of 1 yuan. In addition, due to Lee overdue loans, but also produced a bad credit record. Lee admitted that on the day of the incident, she did reveal the online banking account and password. In January 8th, she received a phone call, the other said her bank account is not safe, in order to facilitate the handling of cases, she needs to cooperate with the computer to operate this end. Because the account is not only the maturity of financial products, there is no deposit balance, Ms. Lee has some idea that even if the disclosure of information will not cause financial losses. So, Ms. Lee to operate according to the requirements of the other party, the bank received her 5 network loan application, the upper limit of 300 thousand yuan each, because there are more than 155 yuan of financial products Lee account, the bank put money to her, then criminals go forwards. Ms. Lee said, according to the provisions of the CBRC "Interim Measures" of the administration of personal loans, personal loans are usually entrusted to take loans to pay the payment directly to the borrower’s transaction object, that is to say even if Lee applied for loans, the money should not be directly into her account. The independent payment is a special case of personal loans. In accordance with the regulations, only unable to determine the transaction object and the loan amount is not more than 300 thousand yuan of the case, to apply independent payment, the CBRC behavior violations also think that "to avoid the payment of break up the whole into parts". In this case, the criminals through independent payment, to avoid the payment of the trustee, and the money will be transferred in batches. Lee believes that the behavior of other banks to circumvent such fiduciary payments are restricted and regulated, the banks involved in this there is no limit or regulation, there is a fault. The bank believes that Ms. Lee’s behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the service agreement相关的主题文章: