Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge is expected to speed up the construction year after completion-ravbin

Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge construction is expected to be opened next year, National Day holiday, Wuxue Yangtze River Highway bridge builders stick to the post, overtime, to promote the project construction. Reporter: I am now in the Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge work platform, behind me to see that the bridge workers still stick to their posts are steel cage of pile foundation for welding, later will be pouring work, this marks the Wuxue Yangtze River bridge into a new stage of construction. Wuxue Changjiang River Highway Bridge is a cross river channel and control project for Macheng to Yangxin Expressway in Hubei province. The length of the bridge is 1958 meters. The main bridge is a high and low pylon mixed beam cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 768 meters. Estimated investment of 1 billion 800 million yuan, construction period of 48 months, is expected to be opened to traffic in 2018. It is understood that the cast bridge pile foundation is the Main Bridge No. 12 pier No. 6 pile, 2 meters in diameter, depth of 55 meters. At 4:30 in the afternoon, with the project commander gave the order, the number of tons of concrete prepared instant tilt, accurate pour pile hole. The successful construction of the first pile foundation also marks the full construction of the lower part of the bridge structure of the Wuxue Changjiang River Highway bridge. At present, the project across the board, put the line and the separation of tin ditch physical inventory has been completed, ground attachments demolition underway, land demolition work is expected to be completed before the end of October 2016. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huanggang

武穴长江公路大桥加快建设 预计后年建成通车国庆长假期间,武穴长江公路大桥建设者坚守岗位、加班加点,全力推进项目建设。记者:我现在是在武穴长江公路大桥作业平台,在我身后看以看到,大桥工人依然坚守岗位正在对桩基的钢筋笼进行焊接,稍后将进行浇筑作业,这样标志着武穴长江大桥进入全新的施工阶段。武穴长江公路大桥是湖北省规划麻城至阳新高速公路的过江通道及控制性工程,桥梁全长1958米,其中主桥为高低塔混合梁斜拉桥,主跨768米。估算投资18亿元人民币,建设工期48个月,预计2018年建成通车。据了解,此次浇筑的大桥桩基为主桥12#墩6号桩,直径2米,深度55米。下午4点30分,随着工程指挥人员一声令下,事先准备好的数吨混凝土瞬间倾斜而下,准确的倒入桩孔内。这次首根桩基的成功灌注也标志着武穴长江公路大桥桥梁下部结构施工全面展开。目前,该项目全线田路分家、挖沟放线及实物清点工作已经完成,地面附着物拆迁正在进行中,征地拆迁工作有望在2016年10月底前完成。 更多资讯请关注【大楚黄冈】微信订阅号相关的主题文章: