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Xi Jinping Obama admired China spoilers: is actually the two things the original title: Xi Jinping Obama admired China spoilers: is actually the two things the morning of September 9th, the thirty-second teachers’ Day eve, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the school teachers and students to 81. Bayi school is located in Beijing city of Haidian District, and by the older generation of revolutionaries Rongzhen marshal Nie Rongzhen founded the school development, Bayi school is Xi Jinping’s alma mater, his primary school and junior high school are here to learn. Xi Jinping left school after the morning, the first time came to the school teachers and students interview Xiaoqing, Xiaoqing they reveal a lot of news there is no "small details", "little secret", Xi Jinping also talked about Obama and the teachers and students, the original, Obama not only admire China high iron…… Obama also admire China in high school mathematics research group and teachers to communicate, Xi Jinping know about their work and learning, with living conditions and on education reform experience, as well as students of mathematics learning, and wish the teachers happy Teacher’s day. President Obama told me that one of China’s most admired high-speed rail, two is your math education." Xi Jinping said that most of the winners in the international mathematics competition are Chinese students. "Our education reform should adhere to the cultural self-confidence, good experience to adhere to, enough to be filled." He said. It is understood that, in 2009 and in 2013, Chinese students in Shanghai to participate in the OECD PISA test, two times were the first in the world, which caused many countries in the world to focus on China’s basic education. School mathematics teaching and research group 81 Li Xinping teacher told Xiaoqing, "said the general secretary, and others of us, we had changed, this is not good. These have a great inspiration to our teaching work indeed, education reform must have enough courage." "Basic education shoulders the important mission of laying the foundation for the quality of the people and educating people, and the general secretary’s speech will raise the importance of basic education to a new level." Shen Jun said the principal. In early nineteenth Century, has used the heel to conquer the European continent Napoleon criticized Britain with war China open door is the largest in the world. In Napoleon’s view, China is a sleeping lion, once awakened, the world will be shaken! In 1920s, the Communist Party of China led the people to carry on the arduous exploration, and embarked on the road of national rejuvenation. Ninety-five brilliant writing, and a profound change in the pattern of world development. Behind the vicissitudes of the history of struggle, a heavy surge high and sweep forward, before the dawn of hitherto unknown renaissance. Standing in the vast land of 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers, sucking the long struggle of the Chinese nation’s cultural accumulation of nutrients, with 1 billion 300 million people China polymerization majestic force, Xi Jinping stressed that we are from the Chinese dream "goals are closer than ever," China dream "confidence is stronger than ever! Napoleon’s prophecy became a reality. Chinese this lion has to wake up! The more forward the era, the importance of knowledge and talent becomes more prominent, the status and role of education is increasingly prominent. Xi Jinping message to the majority of teachers should be students’ temper character guide, make students learn knowledge guide, do the students’ creative thinking guide,!相关的主题文章: