Xi Jinping’s important speech at the National Party building work conference caused a warm response-w-inds.

The important speech of Xi Jinping in the country’s state-owned enterprise party construction work conference attracted enthusiastic responses – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing 23 October Xinhua: adhering to the leadership of the party to the state-owned enterprises do not shake the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping — in the national state-owned enterprise party construction work conference was warmly received by the Xinhua News Agency reporters Sun Tiexiang adhere to the party the leadership, strengthen the construction of the party, is the glorious tradition of China’s state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises is the "root" and "spirit". Recently, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the meeting of the party building of state-owned enterprises. The majority of Party members and cadres and the masses of workers of state-owned enterprises, local cadres and all levels of party workers to seriously study and understand the spirit of the speech, agreed that through various forms of speech and discusses the state-owned enterprises where the rules of the development of in-depth answers the important problem facing the enterprise party construction, provides a fundamental follow for the enterprise party construction work under the new situation. We have said, to practical thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, the State Party of the various tasks, with stronger and bigger state-owned enterprises. Stick to the leadership of the party to the state-owned enterprises not to shake the history of the development of a state-owned enterprise, is a history of adhering to the leadership of the party and strengthening the party’s construction. Everyone said that general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, is a programmatic document for the new situation to strengthen the enterprise party construction, to better promote the big state-owned enterprises, has important guiding significance for the development of the party and state. Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong pointed out that to deepen the understanding of the work on the depth of learning and understanding, on the firm implementation. Secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party committee, governor Moses Chan asked to study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping as a major political task to strengthen the party’s grasp. Beijing, Hainan, Xinjiang and other places for the first time to convey the spirit of the Standing Committee to carry out the study, the deployment of the implementation of research initiatives. Anhui, Anqing City, Fujian Yixiu District of Yongchun County, Shandong, Shenxian and other places to carry out focus on learning, seminars, on-site exchange, and put forward "two a" study and education, to study and implement the spirit of the upcoming the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee closely together, earnestly implement. Strong national strength. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the state-owned enterprise is an important material basis and political basis of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is an important pillar of our party’s ruling and rejuvenating the country and rely on strength." Lin Tao, vice chairman of Fuzhou urban construction investment group, said, as the eldest son of the Republic, state-owned enterprises both represent the glorious past, but also to lead a bright future. Beijing real burning group party secretary, chairman of Guangxi Municipal Committee, Yizhou Ming Zhen, organization minister Gao Xin said, the general secretary of the "six force" of the important position and the "three basic requirements for the state-owned enterprises is the cornerstone of stronger direction, do bigger and better, the standard. The key to the success of China is in the party; the key to the development and expansion of state-owned enterprises lies in the building of the party. Inner Mongolia Baotou Qingshan District Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Tang Qinzhen said, no strong leadership, no party organization in state owned enterprises long-term efforts, no party cadres and workers unremitting struggle, no enterprise brilliant today. National model worker, Henan Zhengyang construction group.相关的主题文章: