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Xianning’s gambling 5 years not winning 7 million 750 thousand prize winning wife had just shot on the lottery husband to buy a lottery ticket for 5 years, but never winning; his wife do not believe this is true, therefore, from the beginning of March this year to learn to buy lottery tickets, only half a year, we do not take care of the 7 million 750 thousand Shuangseqiu grand prix. This is a true story that happened in September 27th just around us, and the hero of the story is just a birth baby full-time nurse Miss Wang (surname). The evening of September 27th, the double chromosphere 16113rd out of 01, 11, 16, 17, 20, 26+14 of the winning number, the current total of 6 note first prize out of a single note bonus up to 7 million 750 thousand; Hubei province Xianning lottery with a single vote of 6 yuan, the harvest is one of a lucky. The afternoon of September 28th, the grand prize winner Miss Wang to bring her husband and brother, sister of a line of 4 people in the Provincial Welfare Centre award. Husband not winning lottery lottery, the wife does not believe according to Wang introduced, she and her husband are 85, but have been married for 5 years and now has two children full-time nurse. Instead of the usual cost of living, is full of money to support the family by her husband, but husband progress, monthly income of more than 7 thousand yuan. Especially this year in the birth of the second children, my sister also said with a laugh, see you after two children how to raise, to the place where money is, it is not to make more money. Miss Wang said that he loves smoking except husband, love is to buy a lottery ticket; every time I see him buy 10 dollars and 8 dollars, also didn’t oppose. But for a long time, he did not get a prize back to a surprise. Therefore, she does not believe this is true whether the lottery can win, so this year gave birth to second babies a full-time nurse in the home, she also began to learn to buy lottery tickets, just to see this in the end can not hit the jackpot lottery. With the combination of edge number that winning a sleepless night about the winning number, Miss Wang shy said, "in fact, lottery like lovers love, which do not want to find a person who can rely on for a lifetime. Is in line with this idea, each bet, will go to find a number to rely on it." Miss Wang said, pointing to the front in the lottery chart, you see, I choose the note number 3, basically is the edge of the prize number number, that is we often say that at that time by the number. For example, 01, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26, is the prize number edge code. As for the blue, Miss Wang told reporters that she chose the note number 3 in 03, 15, 14 basketball; she is always chasing the popular blue, but when combined to arrange on, perhaps this is the lucky winning lucky. "My number in September 26th have already bought the." Miss Wang said, "that afternoon to go shopping, see there is a vegetable market near the lottery point of sale, so the number 3 note on the way at home writing of betting." Late in September 27th 11.相关的主题文章: