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Lin Dan Xie Xingfang was born at the end of the child brother Dan to earn milk money very hard Lin Dan will be upgraded as a father + sports reporter Li Ting reported   at the age of 32 at the end of the day, Lin Dan won the 2016 National Badminton Championships team match men’s team champion for himself and the Beijing team, although this title for the Grand Slam Lin Dan, component count can not have multiple, but retired last year from the Bayi team joined the Beijing team, Lin Dan is also in his efforts to serve the new team, help the "new owner" won the crown. After the identity of the soldiers, let Lin Dan be certain restrictions on the commercial development of its own, so the second half of last year, with the rank of Colonel, his choice of profession, in the long time of communication after contact, he eventually joined the Beijing team. Many people think that the Beijing team’s debut as Lin Dan should be the next year’s National Games, but the Olympic Games in Rio two months the national championship, we will see a "super Dan" figure. October 6th is the 2016 National Badminton Championships team’s first match day has been on the sidelines and warm-up Lin Dan did not get a chance to play, because he in the game before, Beijing team has successfully won the victory, which makes a lot of go to Foshan game the Dan fans disappointed. But two days later, the Beijing team and the Guangdong team in the game, Lin Dan finally came on stage, he beat former national team teammate Wang Zhengming, completed his first show after the Rio olympics. A few years ago, the Beijing team strength is not strong, but the past two years, the men’s doubles Zhang Nan has been honored as the mixed doubles and men’s doubles Olympic champion, Liu Yuchen and Qiao Bin are focusing on the training of the national team men’s doubles and men’s singles players, plus Lin Dan, the Beijing team is a tiger with wings added. Yesterday, with the Hunan team in the men’s team final, Qiao Bin and Zhang Nan are everywhere smooth for Beijing won the first two points, while Lin Dan played third games is not likely to be lost in this game, he locked the victory for the Beijing team, Beijing team 3 to 0 victory over the Hunan team to win. After the win, the audience for Lin Dan to sing a birthday song, Lin Dan quickly said: "my birthday is tomorrow, not today ah." While Xie Xingfang Lin Dan was in the family way to see the hard way, with great emotion said: "the national championships, is still struggle for my brother, 13 years older than the opponent." In the two months after the Rio Olympic Games on the rapid comeback of the competition, both Lin Dan’s commitment to the Beijing team, but also want to continue to go on the field of the signal of the war on the battlefield, but also on the other hand, it is also a good way for the team to go on the battlefield. Moreover, will be upgraded to daddy Lin Dan, also need to have a good performance in the game, in the game there are many endorsements, to the end of the children born to earn milk money. Look at the top 12 national football tournament live, "sports + APP"! Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: