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Xu breeze live Mobile Games anchor for or move teeth will be intense with users and the market continues to expand, Mobile Games category has become a live game broadcast platform between the new battlefield. Recently, ball war well-known anchor Xu breeze official from the tentacles move to live in eleven and double teeth, which. [Xu breeze live eleven live double teeth move in the breeze is impressive] with the ball big battle heat rising and popularity of the rapid growth of the game play is the original tentacle anchor, popularity and technology. Double eleven breeze open live on the teeth, Zoran effect. In the past the breeze tentacles Live Online 2 million highest, it seems from the live day data up to about 500000 fans online, with the wind move, a considerable part of the fans also follow the migration in the broadcast platform between anchor. [Mobile Games anchor into the public view Mobile Games gaming gradually rise] in addition to Xu breeze, recently more and more attention Mobile Games anchor, the anchor such as the glory of the king’s, Pei Xiao Feng Hi, ball against the ball, when Xiao Godfather etc.. Mobile Games anchor heat rising is closely related with the rise of Mobile Games gaming. With the weakening of the purchase of dividends, Mobile Games industry is also faced with the changing needs of the users, after the influx of white users, gradually grow old game player. On the other hand, the convenience of the mobile terminal and technology development also allows the hand travel play to get more room for improvement. Mobile Games overall market slowdown, industry competition, every one of the inferior goods will be gradually eliminated, the user and the capital is closer to fine game. Among them, high quality interactive gaming Mobile Games, is a huge blue ocean. The hero through the mobile gaming entertainment concept, has quickly become a billion level company within a year, is a sufficient quantity of footnotes. [the user continues to expand the scale of the game broadcast live] fought in the mobile terminal become the new Internet outlet in 2015 2016, under the intense competition in the industry continues to shuffle, live game between the platform began to enter the second half. The broadcast platform also fought in the mobile terminal from a web server, Mobile Games category is becoming a platform game live between the second half of the main positions of shopping. The reason is closely related with the mobile gaming users continue to expand the scale. In 2016 China gaming users reached 170 million, mobile gaming users accounted for more than 1/3, and will continue to grow rapidly. According to forecasts, the number of users of mobile gaming in 2018 will inevitably break billion, and more than the traditional gaming game users become the main main users. [old inevitable game anchor dispute] anchor as an important source of traffic and content, is the most important platform for broadcast assets and competitive factors. Since the rise of the game broadcast platform, the competition for the anchor has not stopped. In early 2015, Betta TV within 1 months from the broadcast Huya hired 6 popular gaming anchor, a cost of up to 60 million yuan. This not only stimulate the defensive tiger poaching, the dragon, the panda, the national flag, have joined the fray. Then with the betta negative news came out, more than half of the League because of arrears of workers popular anchor.相关的主题文章: