Xuyi, Jiangsu, a kindergarten more than a child suspected food poisoning is unknown-govos

Jiangsu Xuyi a kindergarten students suspected food poisoning for unknown reasons – Beijing children at home in bed, stomach pain. The parents for Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Wang Shengli Zhu Dingzhao) "to the Nanjing Children’s Hospital for treatment of children in the evening of 21, one of the children have been hospitalized, 22 in the afternoon, the Yangtze Evening News reporter received Xuyi County Court kindergarten children long Moxiang telephone, said the kindergarten students suspected a large class food poisoning, nearly 30 children were treated in Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Xuyi county hospital, Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Kindergarten children vomiting to a hospital in a child parents issued to reporters WeChat pictures, the reporter saw, some children are hanging water, some still vomiting, while others are closed in the eyes of the rest. Nanjing Children’s Hospital is the observation room for Xiao Jun (a pseudonym) mother told reporters on the phone, Xiao Jun 21 evening came home at 5:30, 6 dinner, Xiao Jun said he did not want to eat, a little stomach pain, she thought that the children in the kindergarten play tired, did not care, let the children go to bed to boil, Rice porridge for him to eat. "Rice porridge Aohao, called his son to dinner, found him pale, sweating forehead, Xiao Jun’s mother told reporters, so she quickly took his son to the hospital of Xuyi County, on the way, WeChat group has sent a message to parents, said many children vomiting phenomenon at home to the Xuyi county hospital, she found many parents of children already took the children for examination and treatment, and to the Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. "Came to the hospital, Xiao Jun began to vomit," according to the young mother introduced, after a bag of medicine hanging, Xiao Jun continuous vomiting five times, followed by more and more children to see a doctor. The teacher and principal of the kindergarten to the hospital, but did not tell their parents what happened in the end, children. 21 evening, at about 10 am, hospital medical staff suggested Xiao Jun to Nanjing Children’s Hospital. The children have Soybean Milk, eat beans stuffing Boiled dumplings "to Nanjing Children’s Hospital, until 22 am 3 pm, the child or the stomach ache, Xiao Jun’s mother told reporters, she grew up handsome mouth, 21 afternoon, the kindergarten teacher for the children to drink water, eat Soybean Milk dumplings, until 22 am 5 pm, Xiao Jun inspection report came out: suspected food poisoning, of unknown origin. According to the young mother introduced in Nanjing Children’s Hospital, there are 4 children, one of them because of serious reaction, hospitalization. Her son, Xiao Jun has been in the observation room treatment, and now tends to smooth, but do not want to eat, just to drink boiled water, but fortunately did not vomit. The reporter contacted the Xuyi fragrant garden nursery a teacher, according to its introduction, the occurrence of suspected food poisoning is a large class of the park, there are 35 students in the class, the afternoon snack time, the class kindergartens for children to drink Soybean Milk, eat beans stuffing Boiled dumplings, but in the end there are many students suspected food poisoning the phenomenon, she would not say. As far as it is known, Xuyi local hospital for treatment of children are currently stable. Specific reasons, the relevant departments are investigating.相关的主题文章: