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Xuzhou grandparents sold sun case verdicts nine people jailed for trafficking in children – Beijing under 4 month old boy, was my grandparents sold at the price of 60 thousand yuan, this is happening in Xuzhou, Copper Mt. together to sell sun ". In October 8th, the Xuzhou Copper Mt. court verdicts on the case, the middle man is selling children’s grandparents, and contact the buyer to buy the child of the couple a total of 9 people were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from six months to five years and six months. Although couples buy children to children more love, but on the basis of the "criminal law amendment (nine)", two people are still being held criminally liable. Xu Daqiang is a farmer He Qiao Zhen Xuzhou Copper Mt. District, 2007 with the release of Wang Xiaoying from prison to become "the fact of husband and wife". In 2014, two people quarreled about a divorce. Xu Daqiang huff to the police station to report that his wife had abducted Pro grandson! The police investigation found that in 2013 the Spring Festival, the son of Xu Daqiang came back with a girlfriend, 5 months pregnant. July 2013, a woman died of dystocia, leaving a baby boy. The baby was due to illness, Xu Daqiang couple abandon. Xu Daqiang discuss with Wang Xiaoying, the child will be sold to the price of 60 thousand yuan Peixian Wang Moumou home. In August 11th this year, Xuzhou City, Copper Mt. District Court held a public hearing of the case, in the trial, in addition to Wang Xiaoying, the rest of the defendant’s confession are basically the same, to sell the child confessed, but Wang Xiaoying insisted in court, he did not participate in the sale of children. Copper Mt. court did not in court to be sentenced, the collegial panel considers that the defendant Wang Xiaoying, Xu Daqiang, Zhou Moumou, Fang Moumou, Moumou, Xu Xiaoli, Wang to sell for the purpose of profit, trafficking of children, their behavior had constituted the crime of trafficking in children. The defendant Wang Moumou, Wu Moumou knowingly abducted children to buy, their behavior had constituted the crime of buying abducted children. Ultimately, the court to the crime of trafficking in children, sentenced the defendant Wang Xiaoying, Xu Daqiang in five years and six months and sentenced to five years, 5 other defendants have been punished, two people buy Wang Moumou, Wu Moumou and others because of relatively minor crimes, there is repentance, the probation shall be punished. In this case, the couple was buying abducted children Wang Moumou, the children get home, one family as a baby. The judge said, for buying abducted children’s behavior, the original provisions of the criminal law provisions: "buying abducted women and children, not to hinder its return to the residence, to buy children not abuse, do not hinder her rescue, can not be held responsible." In November 2015 the introduction of the "criminal law amendment (nine)" on the punishment of acts of buying abducted children to make major changes to the criminal law "can not be investigated for criminal responsibility" to "punishment", which means that the trafficking of children, buying abducted children behavior will be investigated for criminal responsibility, country form of crime the behavior of child trafficking three-dimensional combat system. Correspondent Wu Lei Yangzi Evening News reporter Ma Zhiya相关的主题文章: