You may not know that true aging starts here

You may not know, the real start China aging has a proverb called "old old legs first from here, because of physical disability, physical decline is the earliest manifestation of aging. Some people say that to observe whether a person is aging, should pay attention to his neck and hand skin. Because of the more careful maintenance of the face, neck and hand wrinkles are more likely to reveal a person’s true age. However, you may not know that true aging may not begin with wrinkles, spots, physical decline, and memory loss. Blood vessels, which are hidden in our bodies, once they begin to "aging", it may lead to the body’s various systems and organs with recession. It can be said that an old blood vessels, the body will naturally follow the old! A. most of the "premature" is premature vascular in recent years we for what early and early myocardial infarction stroke almost all have been surprising, 30 years old because of sudden heart attack, died of a stroke in the news as early as shocking, but this "normal" itself is more terrible, because it means that, "at the age of 30 the 70 year old vessels" in modern people, I am afraid not rare. In fact, most of the patients with early onset of myocardial infarction, stroke, the real problem is atherosclerosis, plaque and thrombosis, which is simply vascular senescence." Zhongda Hospital, director of cardiovascular medicine Professor Ma Genshan told reporters, because we are familiar with hypertension, diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia, vascular experience deposition – stenosis – occlusion rupture calcification "such a pathological process after acute cardiovascular events toward the ultimate outcome is our familiar. Of course, because the vessels responsible for blood through the body, if it appears, the body of each organ and system will be affected, so that we are familiar with the characteristics of aging, such as skin relaxation, physical disability, visceral dysfunction, memory decline…… In fact, it may also be from the blood vessels. However, our blood vessels in the end how to measure it? Ma Genshan told reporters, in the network have also appeared in some vascular age which is also mentioned in self testing, some common risk factors, but the accuracy is relatively general. However, when you have the following problems in the period of youth, you must be in a state of vascular aging. ". Brittle, hard – vascular hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia may accelerate atherosclerosis and vascular sclerosis, which in turn will further increase blood pressure, forming a vicious spiral. Atherosclerosis can lead to arterial intimal lipid deposition, intimal thickening, leading to vascular stenosis, causing visceral or limb ischemia; on the other hand, arteriosclerosis can lead to arterial wall elastic fibers and collagen fibers changes, arterial wall support decreased artery expansion, often aneurpom. – blockage is caused by many reasons of blockage of blood vessels, including arteriosclerosis, arteritis (thromboangiitis obliterans), local acute thrombosis and arteriosclerosis embolism on the basis of the formation. Arterial occlusion may result in ischemia or necrosis of blood supply organs or limbs.相关的主题文章: