Yunnan aunt in drinking water bath around people turn a blind eye, who drink your bath water! ratatouille

Yunnan aunt in drinking water bath around people turn a blind eye, who drink your bath water! Brother recently found a magical magic sleeping bag, very down here (via @ buy mother) when you collapsed on the bed, like a drunken. Very worried about my golden retriever woke up, see me like this, will eat me…… Brother also love to eat crabs, especially pork fat. Teach you a little skill, so to eat crab down here (via @ Wei Zekai cattle)! But have the time to peel crab, more than to write news, you say is not it? When can I find the one who helps me peel the crabs? Only the envy of others. In September 16th, Jilin city of Jilin Province, the couple held a wedding to open up a fresh outlook. The wedding ceremony, the bride of a female gold Python weighing more than and 30 pounds for the groom to the bride and groom; a more than and 60 pound male golden Python do a wedding gift. I look at the next expression, uppercase smile! Word brother, look at the photos, the couple and the boa constrictor is completely harmonious state of harmony. It is said that the two are animal protection volunteers, the family raised many rare species of spiders, lizards, pythons, birds and other animal, and repeatedly rescue the wounded animal. After all, is the northeast and northeast guy Davenport, this really is the lever of courage! Brother want to know is, feeding Python legal? Brother just can find objects, such as send Python demon figure really cannot hold…… It is suggested that the junior high school students to learn brother down here all of you have heard? Beauty only with the strong have! If I had had the domineering, probably not single now. The single is annoying, but some more annoying aunt. In September 12th, friends to take an aunt wearing underwear in washing hair in Yunnan Yuxi Fuxian Lake, next to put a bottle of shampoo. The people around them turn a blind eye, and no one to discourage, stop. While the Fuxian Lake is a national drinking water sources, drinking water around a lot of people will. Their drinking water is actually someone else’s bath water, this tone, not swallow! Brother think "woman in the reservoir before the feet, said let people drink the washing water" news, may not have what pollution, but drink people nausea! Uncle aunt did not have the quality, but not in Fuxian Lake Management? A class of water sources are not protected, no wonder that now the water pollution is becoming more and more serious, water resources become increasingly scarce, the relevant departments to blame. However, the final result is this event processing, Chengjiang County Fuxian Lake authority responded: after investigation the problem is true, has been on the penalty area supervisor. The protection of the environment does need supervision, but some people have to do. In September 16th, Henan Anyang deputy mayor Tang Xiantai to carry out unannounced visits to the dust pollution problem, a worker at the site was blocked at the door for nearly 40 minutes, the workers said the need to report to the leadership after the door to open…… Finally, the site is still covered by lax, dust four, law enforcement officers were severely rejected. Hin well, you managed to attract the attention of the vice mayor. A guilty conscience, if there is no dust pollution, how can not let a person see? When the leadership must have a few brushes, or how to solve the problem. Small fruit leader g!相关的主题文章: