Yunnan Yuanjiang a gluttonous Python mistakenly hit nets – Beijing eager to rescue the villagers

Yunnan Yuanjiang a gluttonous Python mistakenly hit the net of enthusiastic villagers – the new network for rescue rescued python. Zhang Rong photo Beijing, Yuxi, October 9 (Tang Biao paid in) October 8th, a villager in Yuanjiang County of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, found a trapped in Python in their own ponds in fishing nets, for fear of the snake is illegal damage, the villagers will aid to Yuanjiang after Python Forest Public Security Bureau to forest police. Office in Yuanjiang County Forest Public Security Bureau, the reporter saw the snake by the masses in the police rescue, ready to rescue the python drum belly, shaking the head from time to time, the body was motionless, even took it out outside the cage, first it is lazy rest on the ground, then a little movement. It is understood that the python is Yuanjiang Honghe soil pot group of villagers Village streets day found in their own fish pond nets, found the snake, it is struggling in their nets. In the face of this little guy in the net, some villagers in the family to discuss and be taken by surprise, after the Python and handed over to the forest police assistance. The wild animal protection office staff appraisal, this is a two or three month old larva python, belonging to the national key protected wild animal was found, estimates it has swallowed a fish or a mouse, and this food for a python is estimated for a month can not eat. Because the larvae pythons currently do not have the skills to survive in the wild forest, Yuanjiang County Public Security Bureau will be handed over to professional wild animal rescue organization of the python further domesticated relief, the survival conditions mature, choose to return to nature. Forest public security organs to remind people, if we find a similar situation, please call 110 or contact with the forest and the wild animal protection department of public security, do not blindly hunting and release, wild animal and human harmony. (end)相关的主题文章: