Zhangzhou 2 year old little girl was walking on the street to walk 2 kilometers lost-yuanjiao

Zhangzhou: 2 year old little girl was walking on the street to walk 2 kilometers lost more than 2 years old little girl was walking on the street, heavy traffic, really dangerous. In October 5th, the Zhangzhou Xiangcheng Jinfeng Road, dragon road Kuicun. Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau police station alarm rushed to the scene disposal at. The face of police interrogation, the little girl don’t cry, it is silent. After a visit, the police took the little girl’s hand, went to the direction of the timber market, the little girl is very good with the road. Walked nearly two kilometers, near the timber market, the girl did not know the road. After more than half an hour of visits, the police finally found the girl mother Wei (44 years old, Guizhou people). The girl nicknamed Xiao Qin, two years old, just arrived in Zhangzhou soon, only speak their local dialect. Originally, in the morning, Xiao Qin took 10 Fen from home, said to go shopping, went to the timber market, a grocery store, was told by the boss 10 Fen can not buy things after leaving. Unexpectedly, Xiao Qin did not go home, but everywhere wandering, but also lost the road. (reporter Guo Guo transferred correspondent Zheng Le and Wen TU) (cross strait network) >

漳州:2岁多小女孩独自逛马路 走了2公里迷路了   2岁多的小女孩独自逛马路,车水马龙,真危险。10月5日,事发漳州芗城区金峰中路龙奎村路段。   芗城公安分局芝山派出所接警后赶往现场处置。面对民警的询问,小女孩不哭不闹,可就是一声不吭。   一番走访后,民警牵着小女孩的手,往木材市场方向走,小女孩很配合地带路。走了近两公里,到了木材市场附近,女孩不认识路了。   经过半个多小时的走访,民警终于找到了女孩母亲韦某(44岁,贵州人)。女孩小名小琴,两岁多,刚来漳州不久,只会讲老家话。   原来,当天上午,小琴从家里拿了一毛钱,说要去买东西,到了木材市场一家食杂店,被老板告知一毛钱买不了东西后便离开了。没想到,小琴没有回家,而是到处乱逛,还迷了路。(记者 郭钦转 通讯员 郑乐和 文 图 )   (台海网)   >相关的主题文章: