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Zheng Yuanjie did not bring the ancient city maintenance fee payment vouchers into the Old Town of Lijiang was blocked – the new town of Zheng Yuanjie into the ancient city did not take the Old Town of Lijiang maintenance fees to pay proof, was blocked by staff. Respondents for the Beijing News (reporter Wang Yu) because of a micro-blog, was prepared for the controversial Lijiang city maintenance fee, once again raised concerns. 12 afternoon, the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie through personal authentication micro-blog Tucao said, because they did not carry city maintenance fee payment voucher, the staff was restricted normal service, so he questioned the practice of lack of respect for the tourist scenic spots. In this regard, Old Town of Lijiang Scenic Area Management Committee responded to the Beijing news work method is undeserved, will begin to improve. Zheng Yuanjie into the Old Town of Lijiang was blocked yesterday morning, the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie through its personal certification micro-blog, Old Town of Lijiang tucao". Beijing News reporter saw Zheng Yuanjie in micro-blog said, this is the first visit to Lijiang, but the most impressive, is the ancient city of each visitor to charge 80 Yuan City maintenance fee, the staff questioned past visitors whether to pay, and if they do not carry a certificate of payment, will be limited to the normal progression. He himself is not due to the payment voucher, the results can not enter the normal city. Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter contacted Zheng Yuanjie, he said, in November 9th, he was invited to attend a forum activity venue located in the Old Town of Lijiang, he tried to re-enter the area from the outside, the staff was questioned. He said that their payment vouchers on the hotel, the staff not only refused to allow it to enter, but also requires the staff to return to take evidence. Zheng Yuanjie said that this process lasted about ten minutes, until the event organizers arrived before they can successfully enter the ancient city. He said that micro-blog Tucao, just think scenic work lack of humanity, for tourists in the post inventory, did not warn the case, requires visitors to carry a certificate of payment, is the lack of respect for the tourists, hoping to help them improve working methods. Scenic area responded that will improve yesterday afternoon, Old Town of Lijiang scenic area a surname staff told the Beijing News reporter responded that Zheng Yuanjie himself has not yet received complaints. For micro-blog to reflect the problem, he admitted not working, and that will improve the working methods. Subsequently, it once again responded to the Beijing News reporter said, has sent someone to contact Zheng Yuanjie himself, and intends to apologize. Beijing News reporter noted that Lijiang city maintenance fee has been controversial. In early 2000, the Yunnan provincial government approved the Old Town of Lijiang to the administrative fees charged to city maintenance fee charges, initially for 20 yuan per person per day, 2007 adjusted to 80 yuan per person, valid for seven days. Public data shows, the inscription of 12 years, the protection of the Old Town of Lijiang administration of investment for environmental remediation, demolition of buildings, roads, uncoordinated water, lighting and other infrastructure costs totaled 1 billion 300 million yuan, the authority to protect the ancient city with 640 million of bank loans, monthly interest rate of nearly 4 million 800 thousand yuan. And in accordance with the "Old Town of Lijiang conservation plan" to enhance the transformation of the ancient city of Old Town of Lijiang, the future of the Environmental Society相关的主题文章: