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A car is two Zhengzhou road collapse pit is Beijing water washed – in – reporter Tian Yuchen Ventura | yesterday morning because of the abandoned the shelter, near the city of Zhengzhou, Xinzheng Longhai Road and North Street intersection, a water pipe burst, the underground shelter collapsed, causing the ground a about 30 square meters, about 2 meters deep pit road, parked 2 vehicles fell into the pit. Because the pit close to a 7 storey residential building, office area organized residents to evacuate. According to the City Municipal Bureau of the responsible person, the underground shelter abandoned by water washed, lead to ground subsidence. Technical processing has been carried out. But the problem is, since the air raid shelter has been abandoned, why not advance investigation, landfill hole? [scene] road collapse 2 meters deep, two cars were "swallowed" yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the scene, Xinzheng Longhai Road and North Street to the east 50 meters, the south side of the road there is a about 30 square meters, about 2 meters deep pit, the pit water supply pipeline "rushing" out of water. Wash the pit mud. A white van crashed into the pit, next to a sewage suction truck front sanitation also into the pit. According to nearby residents, said yesterday at 1 in the morning, the ground suddenly collapsed, because no one on the night of the car, fortunately no casualties. But because the pit near a residential building, downstairs that pit residents have downstairs to see. "If the base of the building collapse, can do?" Resident Mr. Wang said. Wang said that in July of this year, where the water supply pipe had burst once, but there was only a small collapse, the pit is not so deep. Unexpectedly, after a lapse of 2 months, where the pipeline burst again, ground collapse. Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou city public security, fire protection, municipal water company staff, civil air defense, and the Longhai Road Subdistrict Office rushed to the scene, cordoned off around the pit. Field staff transferred to a crane, the pit two cars hanging on the road, and notify the owner of the car in the vicinity of the car away; the first time the water supply company shut down the water supply valve, repair the pipeline. Because the pit close to residential buildings, for the sake of safety, the office staff will be required to evacuate residents to wake up, from the upstairs. [] why water pipes burst pipes, air raid shelters chongta yesterday afternoon, reporters once again rushed to the scene and found the pit has been filled by cement concrete 1 meters. Adjacent to the front of the residents with an "emergency notice", the specific contents are as follows: "North Three Street No. 17 floor tenants: by three Street No. 17 building on the north side of North Longhai Road collapse in late September 12, 2016 due to rain, affect the safety of buildings. In view of the above situation, please observe the housing tenants, such as the discovery of dangerous housing situation, please report to the community". Notice dated tube housing security service center city housing security management department. But the Longhai Road neighborhood offices responsible person in an interview said that at present, the pit has processed and building security risks have been excluded, residents can continue to live. Tube City Bureau of the relevant responsible person said, where the collapse of the water supply pipeline aging burst pipe, the mud rushed into the ground floor of the abandoned air raid shelter, coupled with the ground load is too large, leading to the road.相关的主题文章: