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Zinc deficiency baby? I want to use "qualified zinc" (with zinc recipes) – Sohu healthy baby and do not love to eat, mom for the baby to eat is broken heart. Eat every day are chasing, rush, cajole, cheat, "well behaved baby, come to eat dinner, if you do not eat, eat Baba", oh, feel crazy. By feeding it, can see is not the real mother (555555). When the mother, we are always worried about the baby’s all, just say baby don’t eat this thing, the girls really know what is going on? Dove to tell the girls, many babies may be picky zinc deficiency oh. The performance of the 1 baby zinc deficiency anorexia. Appear picky, anorexia, not hungry, do not know self eating. 2 eating disorder. Love eating strange things, such as rubber, wood, chew toy, grey wall etc.. 3 low immunity. Easy to catch a cold, tonsil easy inflammation, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.. 4 learning ability is poor. Than normal baby’s learning ability, performance is not as good as other babies. 5 nails long white, barbed. 6 decreased vision. There will be problems such as myopia and astigmatism. 7 developmental delay. The body will be shorter than normal baby, weight is light and normal. The development of the baby and zinc deficiency, will also appear sluggish situation. 8 recurrent oral ulcers. 9 hyperactivity, slow response. 10 wound healing slow. When the baby has trauma, the wound will heal more slowly. The importance of zinc 1 promotes growth and development. 2 enhance immune function. 3 promote intellectual development. 4 to enhance the appetite. How to give the baby to baby girls in zinc and zinc, can start from the two steps, one is used in food intake, one is the direct use of zinc supplements. The dove will give you some zinc rich foods, animal foods containing more zinc, lean meat, liver, fish, oysters, egg. Vegetable food, soybeans, corn, millet, lentils, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.. The dove girls to recommend several children’s zinc diet, girls do. 1 dried beef and mashed potato school-age children: 5~6 months of material: 50 grams of beef, 3 soup spoon, a little sweet potato powder. Method: 1 pot of water to boil, add beef boiled slightly, remove the beef, mash. 2 beef and soup mashed together into the pot with boiling water, dissolved sweet potato powder, adding boiled beef pot, thicken into mud. 2 age baby oysters Seaweed soup: more than 19 months of material: fresh oyster meat 60 grams, seaweed, ginger, broth, salt. Method: 1 fresh oyster meat wash, add broth, oyster meat, ginger. 2 after cleaning laver into the bowl, add broth, oyster meat, ginger. 3 into the steamer and steam for 30 minutes, remove the salt seasoning!相关的主题文章: